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Story: Last Moment (2nd part)

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2 years ago

Ruhan is looking out of this window with his hands over his eyes in the huge sun. No one else can be seen around his car.

Aritri's whole body is sweating and monotonous. What game is Ruhan going to play again? If it really causes trouble then where will the consequences stand? Aritri sat there with her hands on her head, the enchanted smile of the forest floating in front of her eyes. Aritri feels that the desire to own the forest for the last time in her life will never be fulfilled. Understanding everything will end here.

Just as the three girls entered the house, Aritri became frightened at first. But then he noticed the make-up tools in their hands. Seeing this, Aritri realized that maybe she had come from the parlor to make him.

But why aren't any of his relatives here? Before he took a bath, everyone was sitting and chatting, they were coming and going after a while, but now no one can be seen.

Aritri wanted to go towards the door, then a girl pulled him and sat him down, and someone from the side said ..

___ Now you can't go out, and no one from outside can come in. Because if extra people come in, they will disturb our work.

Aritri doesn't understand why they are coming so soon, it was said that they would come around 12 o'clock. But now it is only 11 o'clock. It was supposed to come at 12 o'clock because at around 1 o'clock the bridegroom would come with all these sari ornaments. Meanwhile, the cosmetics will be finished in an hour, then just take the sari and jewelry later. Then the work of marriage.

Aritri's head was spinning with these questions, and a brown sari, along with so many pieces of jewelry, came out.

___ Like?

Aratri is feeling the emptiness under her feet so intensely after seeing it, it seems like she will lose her balance at this moment. Thousands of questions in my head, but I do not have the courage to say. Who are these? Ruhan sent them?

I don't even have the strength to shout He leaned back against the wall and said in a trembling voice ..

___Please leave me, please leave. Don't hurt me so much. Please take me to Doha.

But who cares, they smiled a weird smile and sat Aritri down.

__ You have news if you try to move or make noise.

They began to decorate. They are looking into each other's eyes and saying which one will be better, the outfit must be beautiful Another of them is saying ..

___ Wife Sej will leave from here. 7 to your groom Oh, how beautiful you look.

Aratri's eyes are watering. Feeling helpless, praying in my mind why no one is coming to this room. Why not rescue him from this danger. When the make-up started to get spoiled in her tears, they were tired of fixing it again and again, then the angry girl said ..

___ Another time you see tears in your eyes, I will put the device in my hand over my eyes

The inside of Aritri is bursting. How much more will he be punished for this worldly sin like making love in his life? Seki won't even let him live.

Just then someone knocked on the door, the three of them started looking at each other. He looked at Aritri and said.

__ You say you can't open the door now. Your outfit is over, now only after wearing the sari jewelry, you will leave here after wearing the burqa.

Hearing their words, Aritri looked at him with wide eyes Nah, he wouldn't lie like that. Say something to get rid of this journey. He should not be afraid. We have to find a way out. Then Aratri said

___ You have no problem. I will open the door and explain to them that I have asked you to come for my wedding beautiful makeup. And I will tell those who asked to come to forbid them to come.

They nodded yes. Aritri went and opened the door and saw her cousins ​​standing with flowers. Seeing him, he shouted ..

___ Who did your make-up? But those whom I told to come have not come yet.

Aritri looked back and said ..

___ Actually I got it from my favorite beauticians.

Then one of Aritri's sisters looked back and said ..

___ Their work has been much better Oops, then you're done. They will leave now, right? They have to go now, their hair is tied. And we can do as much work as the bridegroom actually does. I think you gave them money, right? Then tell me to leave because we will decorate this room now! And you go to your aunt's room quickly Go quickly

Hearing their words, Aritri seemed to come back to life. He smiled a successful smile, looked back once and left.

Let him survive this journey. But he does not know what is going to happen next.

If this is the case, then Ruhan will sit in front of the bride and groom in the wedding hall But I don't know why Ruhan can't do that It will be a disgrace for a girl to break up her marriage. He was not bad enough to give up his lifelong qualities It's Ariti's faith!

He wants to call Aranya and tell her everything at this moment, but after a while it seems that he will lose his happy mood. And there will be too much tension

Aritri is sitting in her mother's room, there are many people here, it is not possible to take her inside at all.

Aritri began to call on God with one mind, so that there would be no hindrance in her marriage to the forest.

After an hour and a half, the bridegroom came. Everyone was busy there for a while. And after a while, the girls came and transformed her into a full-fledged red tuktuk wife.

Aritri is longing to see Aranya now, how she looks like her son-in-law now When will you see that it is not too late.

One of the little girls ran and said ..

__ Ori Apu, look how beautiful Dulabhai looks.

Aritri happily took the mobile in her hand and went to see her picture. She was startled when she saw the screen of the mobile. Although the forest is in front and with full focus, Aritari's eyes are on the boy standing behind. Ruhan is here! Ruhan is behind the forest and the forest is not seeing him? Aranya does not recognize Ruhan or any other mystery here?

Nah Aritri's blood circulation has stopped and this time the effort is 7

The real situation is like a robot, there is no movement. That's what's going on in my mind.

Aritri was taken to a forest seat, where a large curtain could be hung between the two sides, which could be heard but not seen.

Mr. Kazi came and sat down to teach marriage. Dhukpuk like a hammer inside Aritri's chest, I don't know. Because Ruhan is next to the forest. And the thought was whether her marriage would break up at the last moment

But nah the marriage turned out to be beautiful.

As soon as their marriage was over, Aritri heard Aranya's sister Athai talking on the other side of the screen.

___ Brother I want to marry Joy at this moment. Look at this, it's good to see. He has a good job. You will keep me very well brother. Please manage your mother. (The forest does not have a father, so all the decisions of the world are on the forest).

Everyone present is watching and listening to the words here, Aranya has come here to get married and is stunned by her sister's whims. He could not understand what to do. Aranya looked at her sister and respect and said ..

___ Hey, what are you talking about? What will people say, we will decide later and organize a big event and then we will get married as you say, OK?

___No brother, now all the witnesses are here.

I will marry Joy now.

Forced to agree, Aranya immediately moved to the side of the thick screen and won on the other side. Their marriage was over. But Aritri does not understand who is this victory again? Whether it was to get married today or not, he calmed down.

Aritri went to one side of the screen in front of everyone's eyes and spanned it. She couldn't even imagine what she saw! In an instant, a terrible fire started flashing over him. Looking at Athai, Aritri can't get up with a loud shout ...

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Written by   51
2 years ago
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