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Every human being needs a person in his life...

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2 years ago

Every human being needs a person in his life who will rule him, care for him and love him When you see it online in the middle of the night, you will say in an angry voice, "Don't you sleep, I will deactivate the ID! But later, even if I shout all day, I will not activate the ID!"

There is a great need for such a person who will understand if he hears hello, he will understand if he is upset করবে he will ask what happened? Tell me why you are upset I will make you feel better! '

HotHat will send a picture to the inbox and say "Hey look how I feel! Doesn't it look beautiful?" Occasionally arrogantly say "I'm angry! Break the anger

There is a real need for a person who will sit next to you in times of great distress and say with confidence, "Don't worry, I am here! I will always be!"

Will spend a lot of time walking hand in hand on the street. Then he would look at the nuts in a hurry and shout and say, "Hey, I will eat nuts" Get nuts quickly He hurried to see a tong shop and said don't listen, I haven't had tea for a long time Take a tea worth five rupees I will soak two cakes in the same cup and eat them!

There is a great need for a person who can say a lot without hesitation Even if you talk about your bad mood and good mood all day long, you will not be bothered a little

We need someone who can be said to be in a very bad mood.

"Listen! I'm upset. Make up your mind quickly. Every human being needs such a person in his life. He is very much needed!"

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Yeah you are right. Every human being needs a person in his life because no one can live without man , mans love etc .

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2 years ago