Attracting a woman.

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Do you ever feel jealous with your friends because each of them have a girlfriend but only you in your circle of friends doesn't have? Do you think you are ugly? Not that attractive? Not appealing? You think that might be the reason why not even a single woman falls into your trap for desire? I don't think do.

Well, in this article I will share the most basic yet the most effective methods you should do to take a woman's attention.

But, you must be curious about the title of this article, right? What the title says is what I specifically mean in this article. This would be beneficial for you even if the woman you like would dump or reject you. At least you are clean, right?

So, here we go:

Five healthy and clean tips to take a woman .

1. Take a bath everyday.

Why not? Who would not want to take a bath everyday when you are wanting to take a woman's 'yes'? You need to have a proper hygiene for yourself. Even if you are handsome and attractive, if a woman noticed that you smells bad, that would turn her off. At least with this very simple tip, you can a have a slight chance of not being rejected.

2. Always brush your teeth

Just like taking a bath, brushing your teeth should always come first or next to it. No matter how many times you take a bath everyday, if you don't brush your mouth, you would still be considered stinky. And another thing, imagine what would you she feels when you are talking near the woman you like and she secretly feels disgusted because your breath smells bad. Ew!

3. Cut and clean your nails.

Now, believe me or not, when you are meeting a woman, coming next to your face, lips, eyes and nose, woman tends to looks after a man's nail. Why? Simply because a cleanliness of someone can also be define on how clean their nails are. When a woman saw that you have a long, uncleaned and brownish nails, expect the less. But if you ever care about your nails and cleans it most of the time, I'm telling you, that can be a one good asset.

4. Shave everything that must be shaved!

When you want or if you are courting a woman, try to be as good-looking as you can. Shaving your beard and mustache could be one way for a woman to recognize the face that you have. You should always shave it especially when the woman you are courting allows you to have a date. And when you think you finally got her attractions towards you, I hope you have also shaved the other one below.

5. Always put on a lotion

Okay, this one must be new to you. But have you ever thought of meeting a woman with a dry-looking and unmoisturise skin of yours? Imagine what would she think if she saw you scratching your skin then a white line appears? Prevent this from happening. Put on a lotion everyday, aside from making your skin smooth, it will also make a fragrant smell when she is holding your arms.

This tips are only recommend as starter and first move to make a woman get attracted to a man. But it doesn't mean that this will always work because every woman is different.

Some women prefers a man with fat belly than a man with six-pack abs, some prefers attitude over money and some women likes a simple man than boastful one.

And there are also woman who likes bad-looking man, boastful, unclean and many more.

To make things short, woman's love are unpredictable. We don't know how and when they will love someone.

So, always be the one who you really are. Because the best way to make a woman noticed you is to show your real intention towards her.

Woman are precious. They should be priceless. Show love and care to them because that is what they deserve.

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And a biggggggg heart please. Ahahaha, effective ba ito, natry mo na? Effective talaga sya? Pano kung malinis ka nga sa katawam pero dika naman mahal? Iyakkkkkkk? 😂😂

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A man with clean feet, clean hand nails, has good hygiene.. That's what they said 😅

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