Ragnarok as part of Norse Mythology

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I'm a fan of history, so I like to watch things related to it. A long time ago, I watched an anime about gods, which was one of my first anime to watch, but also one of my favorites. This one caught my attention and I really liked it. It has an exquisite plot that leaves a message like every anime, so today I will explain its plot and everything related to it.

La Repulica.pe

This anime is called Record of Ragnarok, it is about a story in which the gods of the different kingdoms meet every thousand years in Valhalla to define the fate of humanity, which is chosen by vote. This decision will determine whether humans will continue to exist or be completely determined.


But, this time humanity has gone too far with its wars, injustices, destruction of nature or pollution. Therefore, extermination will be a fact, or so it was until Brunhilda appeared.

Brunhilda is part of one of the 13 Valkyries, where she decided that this world cannot end that way, causing what is known as Ragnarok.


But what is Ragnarok?

In this anime, Ragnarok consists of 13 trials where humans must face the gods to justify that they deserve to stay alive and revolutionize. The side that achieves the most victories, that is, at least 7 victories, will be the winner and will fulfill its purpose.

Thus, if the gods win, humanity will be eradicated, while if the humans win, they will be able to live another 1000 years.

Mag El Comercio

The purpose of this anime is to know much more about the gods and to show their power in impressive battles. In each chapter we will recognize famous gods from all mythologies, we will also be able to observe various personalities in the story, some even more real than others, in facets that we could never imagine.


The end of this season leaves a certain intrigue, being this one interesting, since, the next fight has the most hated human being by all mankind. However, he is not in good physical condition to ensure his victory. Will this be the great weapon of humanity to continue to exist?

Anime Souls

Now, this is the initial plot of the anime, but if we pay close attention, we will realize the great message it gives us. Leaving aside the battles, wars, among other situations.

Humanity in the eyes of the gods is a destructive being, that is, wherever it goes, whatever it touches or even looks at is destroyed, contaminated or similar. But, now they want to save their own life, to live literally a thousand more years. But, the real question is, would they change, would they stop the violence and wars so that there is a dialogue, would they stop polluting their own planet or even destroying it? I really have no idea.

Although the reality is not different, we have been more aware of the mentioned issues, however wars and pollutions still exist, and even if thousands of things happen, many humans will not change. But the good thing about our reality is that many other people want a real change, both for the planet and for humanity, being the small hope we have.

This is one of the messages that this great anime leaves us, I personally recommend it, it will catch you right away!


I hope you liked and enjoyed this article!

Do you think humanity has a chance to win?

Tell me, what did you think?

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