Haikyuu as an example in the sports world

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As you may have noticed in my previous articles, I am a big fan of anime, because some of them are amazing and entertaining, but there are others that teach us in some way or another. Some with hidden messages and others exposing it to the naked eye.

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The second option is the one I bring you today. Let's talk about Haikyuu! A series that is based on a sport that is not as popular as soccer, basketball or baseball itself. To understand it better, I will start with the plot of this great work that you will surely like.


It all starts with Hinata, a high school boy who is not considered an openente because of his height. Because most volleyball players are taller than 1.70 and he is 1.63, but Hinata is different, since his height does not prevent him from achieving his goal, to become the new Little Giant, but he sets out to excel when he faces another school and its star Kageyama, an impressive setter and the best of his team.


However, Kageyama does not know how to relate with other people, especially with his teammates, which is the main basis of the sport, since that is where the confidence of both the team and himself is born. That day he beat Hinata's team, however Hinata and Kagayama do not get along very well, but a surprise is coming for both of them.


At the end of the match Hinata promises to improve and face him when they are in high school with their new team. These words struck both Kageyama and Hinata. But, as she struggles through three years of high school, she is surprised to find herself studying at Karasuno with her worst enemy, Kageyama, which also makes them partners in the volleyball club. Crazy, isn't it?

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When he runs into Kageyama, he also meets his other teammates, who are also very good, however the Karasuno for years have had no luck when playing, so in the eyes of other teams are the ''Ravens without wings''. What they don't know is that all that will change with the arrival of these two rivals who become not only teammates, but friends. But, before being introduced to the team they had a discussion, let's say that they didn't get along very well, however when they made the passes and played together in a practice they realized that they both complemented each other. Hinata flies through the air, her jumps are incredible and Kageyama is a great setter, capable of getting the ball to Hitana. But will Kageyama be able to trust and support the rest of the team, especially his teammates?


However, all the members of the team must improve themselves, bring out their new versions, passes, methods, among other things. Which they will develop over the seasons. There will come a point where other teams will take Karasuno seriously, which is also satisfying for them.

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Well, this is the initial plot of the anime, but there is much more behind it. Because, we get to visualize how they are defeated, but also how they come out victorious. You learn more about the sport as well, as they give a brief explanation of each pass, move or special play. They point out what each player's position means and why reception, consistency, among others, is so important.


Also, we will see the players relapse and see how they get back on their feet, learning, growing and really maturing. In fact, there is a chapter where one of them mentions that it is just a club for him. However, for his teammates it is part of their being, their essence, what they want to realize in the future.

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Personally it is an anime that attracted my attention because of the great learning it leaves us, it inspires us and I can't deny it, it is a program that will make you feel happy, anxious or even feel like being there, and that is what always attracts viewers, isn't it?


Although the most important thing it shows us is that this sport, Volleyball is really underrated nowadays and it's really sad, it should be more recognized, there should be more tournaments and everything that comes with a sport. But, I will not leave aside that all of them are really important and that you do any of them is completely great.

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I hope you liked this article very much and I hope you found it useful.

Tell me, what did you think and what is your opinion? Would you practice this sport?

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