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No More War, PLEASE!

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1 year ago

Today at work I am flipping through the newspapers ... Nothing nice to read and I remember one poem by our Djolet Balašević ... Complete depression, time adds a more severe depression due to all the ugly things ..

Like gold dust, a halo of sleep, around small heads

and your love for them keeps them like a lioness.

The bad news excites you - let there be no war!

You know what, let the sea sink everything,

let the glaciers crumble, the eternal snows melt.

So what, don't let the rains stop,

let the thunders go mad, let there be no war!

You know what, let the age turn,

let the stars be troubled, let the mountains be moved.

So what, let the winds blow,

let the volcanoes wake up, just so there is no war!

Just so there is no war, no madness among the people,

the great offer delusions, frighten us with various miracles

and harm every fairy tale - so that there is no war!

A whole century has passed since the beginning of the First World War, which many at the time declared a "war to end all wars." Unfortunately, wars continued. Once upon a time, wars were entered for leisure and profit; when Rome occupied Asia Minor or when Spain conquered Peru, the reasons were gold and silver. There is that even today.

Why do people fight? Why do states, peoples and members of different religious communities enter into armed conflicts with each other? What are the motivations that push a person to resort to violence ?!

"Dutch psychoanalyst Jost Merlot (1903-1976) wrote:" War is often a mass discharge of accumulated internal anger, during which the inner fears of humanity are emptied of mass destruction. " it governs itself by destroying others. According to this theory, these others serve as scapegoats for unspoken and subconscious frustrations and fears. "

The bigger problem, however, is that governments most often make political profits from wars, even if the war makes no sense in terms of national interests.

Declaring war is a very bad idea. But, despite that, it still happens.


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Written by   155
1 year ago
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