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Infographics attract attention.

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2 years ago

Infographics are a visual story. It tells the viewer the complete story using text, images and a limited amount of highlighted words. The goal of great infographics is not just to be seen and shared further, but to teach or connect with the viewer in some way.

The fact is that about 65% of people learn visually. Our brains contain such connections that they process information faster when they are in a visual format, and not just in the form of text. Over half of our brain is especially dedicated to processing visual information!

Many times it reacts (clicks) more to a website that contains images than to a site with only text.

People respond better to visual information than to plain text.

When information is processed visually, 20% of the information is retained as opposed to a retention rate of 10% from the text alone.

We know that graphics attract attention and are easy to understand, but they are also easier to remember. This is due to the image superiority effect. The superiority of an image means that people are more likely to remember a concept when it is presented as an image rather than as a word.

According to a Kissmetrics survey, photos have 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks than other Facebook posts. Tweets on Twitter that contain photos are 35% more retweeted than tweets without pictures. On platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumbir, there are a lot of accounts designed specifically for infographics.

In order for your infographic to be effective, it should be relevant, clear and have a clear design. In addition to free templates or ones you can buy online today, you can also master Adobe Illustrator for vector drawing of infographic elements.

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Written by   155
2 years ago
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Very true, infographics catch the eye and they make it easier for the reader to follow and understand the content

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1 year ago