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Bitcoin Recovers; Cities Locked Down; Federal Government to Mail Checks -- March 19th, 2020

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2 years ago

Pandemic Commentary, March 18th-19th

US Cities Continue to Tighten Restrictions

Government to Send Checks to Taxpayers

Alex Jones Prepares Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration in Response to Domestic Travel Bans

There has Never Been a Better Time for Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies to Occur

On this episode of....


[JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA  |  03/18/2020  |   W. Paul Alexander] - COMMENTARY/NEWS

Today, the world continued to reach the edge, where if crossed, there may be no return.  During President Trump's press conference yesterday, though, you could see a different man.  Trump, while still doing a bit of freewheeling, was no longer the President who stood up a couple of weeks ago and declared that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was no big deal, as if the US could ward off the virus and keep it out of our borders by sheer will power alone.  This was a dangerous position for the leader of the free world to have taken, and quite frankly, it set us back at a critical time during the unfolding of this pandemic.  

Yesterday, during his press conference, the President also announced a bipartisan decision to get checks into the hands of each taxpayer in the nation, save those in the highest of income brackets, in order to ease the suffering caused by the coronavirus and its effect on the economy.  

UPDATE: A $1 trillion aid package is being debated in Congress right now. This is the bill that will include the provision to send checks to Americans.

Individuals will immediately receive $1200 while those filing married joint federal tax returns will get $2400. This will be just the first wave of payments, as it looks like the federal government will finally use stimulus funds to help ordinary Americans instead of big businesses.

Trump stated that he hopes this stimulus package will be what it takes to bridge the gap between now and the time directly after restrictions are lifted, in which he predicts that the economy will "pop" back into shape due to pent-up demand from an isolated public. 

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was a large force behind this push, as fears of an economic collapse continue to erase wealth at unprecedented levels.  According to the some outlets, the figure per taxpayer is rumored to be $1000.  Mnuchin said that it may be more.  Either way, those of us who file tax returns are about to get $1,000+ checks from the government, like a second tax refund.  

UPDATE: On March 19, Bitcoin recovered, as it increased over $1500 in value, where it is now hanging steady in the mid-$6000's. This is excellent news for those who just bought BTC at 4K!

This is only the first phase of these proposed payments, as well.  Trump and Mnuchin as well as various lawmakers have all stated that it will likely take several waves of payments directly to taxpayers before we reach the critical point in this pandemic where the number of new cases per day drops below the level from the previous day.  This "peak," when it occurs, means that we will be on the downward slope of the curve, quickly approaching the end of this thing.  

But they are saying it could take MONTHS.  

Furthermore, after the President stated that he was contemplating initiating domestic power bans, one of his largest, and no doubt his loudest, supporters in the world, alternative media titan Alex Jones hired attorneys to prepare a lawsuit against the President and his Cabinet.  Losing Jones' and his millions-plus audience would likely cost Trump the 2020 election, as Jone's unwavering support for Trump for President in 2016 did a great deal to ensure that Trump occupies the Oval office today.  


President Donald Trump and Alex Jones

Sometimes, it was almost as if they were mirrors of each other looking back at themselves.

Certain Measures are Justified...

...While Others are Simply Power Grabs

Across the world, cities continue to remain on lockdown and under strict curfew with even more strict exemption criteria.  Huge cities are issuing shelter-in-place orders, which makes it illegal for anyone to be outside of his/her home except to go to work and perform essential tasks, like going to the doctor or buying groceries.  

I agree that there has to be drastic action taken to ensure that millions are not infected, overrunning our entire healthcare system.  We all get that.  But the wartime-like restrictions being placed on everyday lives, but it is becoming clear and clear as more orders are issued, such as New Orleans measure that bans the sale of firearms, period, during this pandemic.  This, of course, immediately violates 2nd Amendment rights and will be taken up in court, but the fact that these politician are so quick to essentially enact martial law over millions of people demonstrates how power-hungry they really are.  

Stimulus Checks Could Be in Taxpayers' Hands within 2 Weeks

As mentioned above, the federal government, in an emergency method aimed to fill the gap while the economy is at a halt.  This is a very popular measure, of course, and one that Mnuchin has stated will just be the first of several waves of checks sent directly to us.  

Whether this will have the desired effect remains to be seen, but direct payments to citizens is an excellent idea to soften the economic blow of this virus. 

Why Mass Adoption is Closer Than Ever

Since the beginning of this outbreak, there has been an unprecedented rush by world central banks to take the steps necessary to institute central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which are really just centralized blockchain ledgers.  Fears that person-to-person transmission is more likely in those who consistently handle physical paper money and coinage that travels from pocket-to-hand-to-hand-to-cash drawer.  

This push came on the heels of a Central Bank of England report in which the UK's central bank stated it will initiate a rapid program to develop and deploy a centralized digital currency -- perhaps an E-pound.  This report stressed the urgent need for central-bank controlled digital assets.  It is clear why.  They have become aware that blockchain is the future, and those powers that be damned before they allow us in the innovative sector to beat them to the punch, as we continue to push our decentralized Magic Internet Money. 


Well, that's all I have for right now, folks.  As the rest of the day unfolds, I will bring any breaking news to the forum that I don't believe can wait.  

But for now, we ponder.... 

  • How Long Will This Last? 

  • What Will the New Normal Look Like After Coronavirus? 

  • Will Alex Jones go to War with Trump over Domestic Travel Ban? 

  • Where is Putin at in this whole thing? 


Deo Volente, 

W. Paul Alexander

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