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Ways To Boost Your Phone's Battery Life.

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6 months ago

One thing that makes a mobile phone enjoyable is when it has a lasting battery life. Personally, if I'm purchasing any phone, the first thing I go through is the battery capacity but there are ways you can assist in extending your phones battery life if the capacity is not that large.

The truth is that we sometimes get to installing applications that claims to extend our Phone's Battery Life but it actually does not do that in anyway, instead it keeps installing unnecessary apps to the phones system.

This article will be stating some tips to employ in extending or boosting your phone's battery life.

Tips to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

  • New Smartphones should be fully Charged before Use:

You would notice that once you purchase a new phone, the seller would always advice that you charge the phone until 100% with a stable voltage before you use it. This helps the battery be on the safe side and builds a foundation for the sustainability of your battery life.

  • Use Recommend Chargers

Every charger has its input and output voltage, and this must be checked if it matches the phones input voltage before used to to charge the phone. On purchase of your device, a factory designed charger is always being included. These chargers are specially designed to fit the Voltage input and output of your device and this information are usually written on the head of your chargers.

  • Avoid Using Your Phone When Plugged To Power Source

Asides from being dangerous, it isn't safe for the battery's life. It's advisable not to use your mobile phone for calls, chatting or playing games while you are trying to power it up, it weakens the battery.

  • No to "dead usage" habits

Here's when you only let the phone rest once it's 0%. It takes the charger a higher voltage to wake the battery and if this continues consistently then I'm afraid you are killing the phone's battery slowly.

  • Manage Your Contrast

Generally, what sucks the battery at all times is the backlight but it's percentage of usage could be reduced if the contrast is reduced too.

Use lower Contrast when indoor and medium when you are outdoor, it saves the battery a lot.


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Written by   395
6 months ago
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Exactly these are the great tips to enhance battery timing for our mobiles.

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6 months ago

Noted on this.

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