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The Mimster Wants your opinion

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4 months ago
Topics: Story

This Mimster want your opinion on this...

Sometime last year, I hired a woman to live with us so she could help with the house chores and take care of the kids because I run a tight schedule at work.

Well, she did a fantastic job. I was really impressed, so I increased her salary and gave her freedom in my home to say or do as she wished.

My husband is a sailor who goes offshore for about 6 months and returns to spend about 4/5/6 months with us. But since this year, my husband has refused to travel and he’s talking about starting a business, spending quality family time, and helping the kids with homework & school runs. He’s really a different man now.

Also, I noticed that my kids are now well behaved unlike before, and they look happier, bonding well with their dad & this woman.

I felt left out and lost, so I asked my hubby if there’s anything going on between him and this lady. He got angry but only said she’s a great lady, well mannered & smart.

Due to the fact that I felt threatened, I asked this woman to take 2 weeks off, and later, I told her that I may not be needing her services anymore.

After she left, my kids cried for days because they were missing her. Sincerely speaking, I know my hubby does too even though he tries not to show it.

My home feels different without her. My once lively bubbling and playful kids are now acting cold and always asking me to call her so they can speak with her.

Please help me Mimsters, I’m confused. Should I call her back?

To be honest, I miss her too. I miss how good of a caretaker she was. She did a good job, she changed my home, my husband became more responsible & family oriented and my kids are well behaved & now doing well in school unlike before she came.

I’m confused. I hope things wouldn’t reverse back to the way it was before she came if I choose not to call her back or where am I missing it?

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Written by   396
4 months ago
Topics: Story
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