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How to Use Facebook Web Version on Your Mobile Phone.

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4 months ago
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How to Use Facebook Web Mode on Your Mobile Phone.

The Facebook app is limited to some features likewise the Facebook Mobile version, this makes a lot of persons want to access their profile through the web version because there are no limits to it's features. But, how can you do this when you only have a mobile phone?

Following a certain sequence, there's a possibility to force the Facebook Web version on your mobile phone, this sequence will require an active data connection, a mobile browser that has a desktop version feature (Chrome recommended)

  • Switch on your data connection

  • Launch your chrome mobile browser

  • Click on the navigation button which houses the browser's settings and check the desktop mode.

  • Go to the url bar and type

Note: You can check auto rotate mode on your phone in order to have a landscape view of the Facebook site.

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Nice one, keep it up

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