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Covid-19: A Two Sided Pandemic (Entry 2)

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6 months ago

Entry By: Siddharth Haribhai

Advantages of covid 19

  • Individuals got time to go through with relative

  • Condition and nature gets perfect

  • Outside air to relax

  • Contamination goes to least level

  • Enough an ideal opportunity for rehearsing new things

  • Individuals figure out how to be clean

  • Commotion contamination , water contamination and so on gets decreased


Disadvantages of covid 19

  • Financial development gets an excess of diminished

  • Bunches of individuals get tainted and numerous passed on

  • No antibody yet

  • Life of individuals gets crushed

  • Loss of occupations

  • Stress increments

  • Wellbeing impacts because of internet training

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Written by   396
6 months ago
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It has affect the education badly. Until the schools are closed.

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6 months ago

Yeah, that's no longer a news, we all know.

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6 months ago