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Imitating from wonderful life’s designs

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2 years ago

"Many of our best experiences have been copied or taken from other people's lives." - Phil Gates, Wild Tech

The gift of the biomimetic scientific gift, complex machines and materials imitating nature, is created as an already existing element. Nature steals their products here without pollution and they are hard and light in the rules, but unattractive.

For example, an ounce for an ounce of bone is more important than steel. What is your secret? Part of the answer lies in its form, but the main reason goes further: at the molecular level. "The following living organisms are in the design and assembly of their small components," Gates said. As a result of the study, knowledge agents isolated substances, natural tissues, side buttons, their increased strength and lightness. They found that these substances have different forms in nature.

The miracle of relationships

Compounds are made of materials, the combination of two or more substances leads to a new substance, the properties of the property being revised. This can be added to synthetic fiberglass, which can be used in skis for boats, angel rods, bows, wheels and other sporting goods. * Glass fibers are produced in addition to glass fibers in a matrix made of fluffy or fine plastic (polymer polymer). When the polymer hardens or hardens, the end result is a light, strong and flexible joint. Difference in product type and matrix can be used to create an extremely wide range of products. Of course, human connections are always made in the country, the natural ones in the hands of people, animals and plants.

In humans and animals, the composition of the fiberglass or coffin is a stepwise protein protein. (outside the email). * The standard of the article is described in the collagen base as "one of the most important structural structures".

Watch out for the game, the shells and the buttons. Victims care not only about the importance of their phases on the collagen base, but also about the shiny art and whiteness in which these phases are made. In her book Biomimicry, Janine Benyus writes that the developed tendon “is very unhappy in its generosity for many days. The forearm tendon is a bundle of twisted cables, like the cables used on a slope bridge. The single cable is a flattened cable tray. Each of these finer threads is itself a twisted bundle of said threads, which are naturally helical bundles of twisted atoms. There has always been mathematical beauty. (“Is he a technical genius?” “Is it any wonder that scientists say they are heard by nature?” - See Job 40:15, 17).

As expected, there have been artificial connections in the country for days. The complaints consist of plastic products. In general, the top 10 technical teams of the last 25 years belong to the top 10. These habits are created on the basis of graphite or carbon fiber new freedom from tax contracts and spacecraft, sporting goods, racing cars from Formula 1, yachts and artificial limbs to nurhgeenchincht to simply.

Multifunctional side of wonders

Whales and dolphins are unknown, but their bodies are made of a beautiful substance: fat, a form of fat. "Whale oil is very rich in multifunctional material, we know that," says the book Biomimetics: Design and Processing of Materials. He explains why fat is a major flotation device and why its whales seek air and help. Offers a warm solution for warm insulation from the muddy ocean. There is also the best possible food reserve for non-food migrations in kilometers and miles. In fact, ounce to ounce, fat produces two to three times more energy than protein and sugar.

"Grease is also a rubberized material, it has been removed," he said in the book above. "We are already off the road because the elastic inversion of the fruit is expected to combine and move the tails at all times, constantly increasing to 20% of travel costs.

It has been made up of years, but has been shown to be short-lived, leaving half the volume of fat retained by a complex network of collagen fibers, which is one of them. How they differ, how they differ, how they change, how they are, how they are, how they are, how they are, how they are, how they are synthetic products.

Acquired technology

Last year, the knowledge agent also observed the rotations. You may be ashamed to find out how spider silk is arranged to add compound. It is true that a large number of silk insects are produced, but spider silk is needed. One of the oldest materials in the world "is the train you dream of," says a science journalist. Spider silk is so lost that there is a list of its personal rights.

Why do you know the superlative leader, would you like to write a spin? It is made not only as easily as steel, but also a very elastic, unique combination of materials. The rotating side is 30% more than the elastic nylon. The spring is not like a step and works like the back of the rotation in the air. "A rising plane," says Science News, "a net that behaves like a fishing net can catch a plane."

If you want to copy the chemical magic of Spider (both types only produce its gaskets), it will be there, you can count! There are only a few options in the tight seat belts, as well as at night, artificial ribbons, light lines and cables and fabrics with pens. Scientists also see that the silk spider is effective and does not produce talented chemicals.

Natural gears and jet engines

Gearboxes and diesel engines are changing the world. But who are you who also influenced us by nature in these creations? Take the gear of the gear. With the gears you can turn the gears in your car, the engine is ideal for use. Nature's gearbox does not work, it is connected to the engine without wheels. You can combine air with air! And where is it located? On the common plane. The aircraft has a three-way gearbox on the roadway that can be switched off in the air.

Squid, cuttlefish and nautilus have the art of jet propulsion that moves them through the water. Scientists have paid for flights with envy. Because? The flexible parts do not break, the large buckles stand and rest and work efficiently. This can fly an octopus in flight from predators with controls up to 32 km / h and "jump longer than the water on the deck of ships," explains the book Wild Technology.

Yes, a few moments on nature can be overwhelmed and overwhelmed. Nature is indeed a living mystery that raises question after question: Which chemical miracle involves the cold, bright light of fireflies and which algae are included? How are the different Arctic fish and fries that are active again in the winter during the riot? How to walk and work underwater without a device? And how do they see themselves at great depths without suffering from the decompression sickness known as curves? How do chameleons and their ink colors appear in the world? How do you transfer hummingbirds to a golf course from Mexico with up to 3 g of fuel? It turns out that the list of questions ends without them.

One can only be truly surprised and amazed. When we study nature, knowledge must be an admiration that "borders on respect," says the book Biomimética.

Behind the design: designer!

Outstanding Professor of Biochemistry Michael Behe ​​said that one of the results of the latest findings in the second cell is "a strong, visual and confusing call" He made sure that this result belongs to the right cell ", said what is clear and significant , is that this will also become one of the green achievements in the history of science.

Probably the test of the designer's problems for a certain period of time, that the theory of evolution is maintained, that the development of the sketched design of living beings cannot be declared, guarantees at the cellulosic and molecular level. "There are good reasons," says Behe, "to believe that Darwinian accretions about how life works will always be illusory."

Darwin's times actually read living herbs, the basis of life and evolutionary theory work in this relatively ignorant ignorance. But now science has overcome it. Molecular biology and biomimicry have the clear effect that the cells of an extremely complex system that fill the internal workings of our most important devices and machines with a sophisticated and perfect design. .

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