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The joys and challenges of being a teacher:Why i love teaching

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8 months ago

Some days back,i shared the news on noisecash that i had just been posted to be a teacher at a public school. I recently got assigned to teach Literature-in-English to 12th grade also known senior year students.

It was an unexpected assignment.I couldnt get over the fact that I would be teaching 17-18year old teenagers and honestly it scared the hell out of me.

I began to think of the previous experiences I had teaching creche and basic school kids and truth be told it cannot be compared to teaching teenagers which was a whole new experience for me.

Nevertheless,i was determined to take up the task courageously and do my best.But first off i needed to mentally prepare myself for the task ahead. I decided to take some time to meditate on the joys as well as the challenges involved in being a teacher.

The challenges of being a teacher

Dealing with ill mannered students : It can be really challenging trying to handle students who have no regard for the rules of the classroom or lack ethics.It requires a whole lot of patience dealing with such ones.But teachers bear in mind that their attitude towards these ones could either make or mar them and their concern towards them would go a long way in helping them learn.

Unfavourable class conditions: As its popular with public schools,the number of students per class room can be really overwhelming to handle,there is so much congestion.At thesame time the poor state of chairs and desks can make learning very uncomfortable for students and this could make them lose interest at the middle of a lesson.

Lots of paperwork: A large number of pupils warrants a large number of paperwork to be correctly marked by the teacher and this can be really stressful and lead to burn out

Lack of teaching materials : Inadequate teaching materials can cause a teacher to give a "below the standard" lesson .

Performance pressure from the school administration: The school management require immediate results from students performance,forgetting the fact that each student is peculiar to learning .

Inspite of the challenges oulined,the joys of teaching cannot the overemphasized

The joys of teaching

Personally i get to:

Fulfil my dream: It has always been a life long dream to imapact knowledge to individuals. Even as a teenager,i looked for opportunities to give lessons and this brought me so much satisfaction.I am glad to be a teacher

Inspire others: Taking the role of both a teacher and a mentor to 17 year old teenagers who would soon be leaving for college is a great opportunity. I inspire them to excel and get to the level i am,to work hard and achieve the goal of graduating from highschool with good grades. I want them to feel the excitement of getting into college.

Teach my favourite subject: I have always been fascinated about the subject 'literature'.Its a pretty interesting subject that opens the window of life and books in your heart.

Feed and develop inborn creativity: Teaching keeps me on my toes,critically thinking and creating ideas to develop lessons.Because i want my students to get maximum benefit from the class and excel in their exams,i do the best that i can do

Create a positive learning environment: Many students find the classroom to be tasking,but i want them to enjoy learning and develop good reading and writing habits without distractions and pressure from the home or from peers.

On this note,i can rightly say that i am prepared for my very first encounter with my students

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This is my personal experience written by me.I hope you enjoyed reading...

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Written by   5
8 months ago
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