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Can you be like a salamander?

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8 months ago

I got to know about the salamander for the first time from a telenovela (My heart beats for Lola). It was quite an interesting watch.

My heart beats for lola

The heroine,lola volcan escapes one night to get a salamander tatooed on her back.The tatoo was a symbol of her love for Andres. The hero of the story always called her "my salamander" since they met. There is an interesting reason for calling Lola that and this we I got to know as the story unfolded.

Except you could get to watch the telenovela,you could only discern the reason for this by getting to know the kind of animal the salamander is.

The salamander

Salamanders are amphibians that often get mistaken for reptiles becayse of their lizard-like appearance. Salamander are from the Caudata order,and are extremely cute with their adorabla frog-like eyes and little feet.

They can also be very beautiful depending on their pattern,color and size. Salamander are shy,especially the smaller ones and prefer to stay hidden.

Salamanders must remain moist,so it is important that they live near a water source. You can often find these amphibians living in or near ponds,creeks,humid forest and brooks.

Salamander originates from the Greek word for" fire lizard"that is why it is often associated with fire.This is because when logs were thrown into fires,sometimes salamanders would come running out of the logs.

What we can learn from the salamander

Salamanders are often associated with fire


Salamanders are a symbol of power and passion,their skin helps them to withstand fire and survive in other habitats.

Lola volcan who was mentioned in the beginning was like the salamander,resilient in nature,against all odds she stood firm till the end,she was imprisoned for 5 years for a crime she didnt commit and was a survivor.Her love interest appreciated this quality about her and it was fitting to be referred to as "a salamander ".

Can we be like the salamander?

When difficulties and anxieties try to consume us like fire can we withstand the fire like the salamander and come out strong?


Salamanders can regrow their limbs and tails in case of injury,so they can be signs of immortality and rebirth.

When we could not withstand the fire and get consumed by it,do we try to recover or do we remain defeated?

We can be like the salamander,become reborn after a tragic experience and get back on our feet,it could be a financial,emotional or physical setback.Do we keep feeling sorry for ourselves or we regain strength to fight for what we want and never give up on our dreams.

Let us be resilient and rejuvenate like the salamander,because when there is life,there is hope

I hope you enjoyed reading 🤗...

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Written by   5
8 months ago
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