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R-Planet cooking book

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7 months ago

Since a few weeks, R-planet has arrived and here are the first possible combinations.

R-planet offers the possibility to stack your NFT cards that you don't use. In return, you earn Aether, a material that you can use on R-Planet to create new elements. Ready to become an apprentice alchemist?

I'll update the new recipes as soon as users tell me their discovery. Don't forget to share them !

Sea :

Lava :

Energy :

Dust :

Mud :

Rain :

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Written by   47
7 months ago
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Do you stack rplanet cards too or you collect them them for a game? Aether is currently down and inexpensive to buy but is there any sense in the game, in term of staking and wax, or interesting game too..

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6 months ago