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Ledger Products .. S, X, Blue

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Ledger, made in France

The Ledger company is French and was founded in 2014 by 8 experts in embedded security who dreamed of creating a tool to store cryptomoney in complete security. Thing done with the birth of the hardware wallet.

Consumer products

The brand's first hardware wallet was launched in December 2014. Then the French start-up will continue its momentum with the Ledger Nano S in June 2016, currently the most recognized model.

Then came the Ledger Blue in November 2016 with its touch screen. Then the Ledger Nano X in 2019.

All these portfolios work on the same system: "BOLOS" for Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System.

Nano S

The Nano S will be released in 2016, and more than 1.5 million copies sold, and will be used to store cryptomoney and secure the transactions you can make.

It works with the Ledger Live software available on windows, mac, apple or android. Its storage capacity is nevertheless one of the negative points and it will be possible to install only 3 to 20 wallets at the same time on your device. So you will have to juggle with applications if you have a lot of wallets.

  • Screen size: 128 x 32 pixels

  • Port: USB Type Micro-B

  • Size: 57 x 17.4 x 9.1 mm

  • Weight: 16.2g

Nano X

The Nano X Ledger was unveiled in 2019 and has taken into consideration feedback from Nano S customers. It offers a larger screen and above all bluetooth connectivity.

It has been equipped with a 100mAh battery for the nomadic side and a USB-C port for charging and connection to a computer.

As for the Nano S, it uses the Ledger Live software that allows it to send and receive your precious cryptomoney. Its strong point is the increase of its internal memory allowing it to store more than 100 different wallets simultaneously.

  • Screen size: 128 x 64 pixels

  • Port: USB Type C

  • Size: 72×18.6×11.75 mm

  • Weight: 34 g

  • Bluetooth

  • 100mAh battery


To conclude, the Nano X Ledger provides 6 times more storage than the previous version. It also has a screen twice as large and thanks to its battery and bluetooth technology, you can connect it to the LedgerLive application for smartphone and make payments wherever you are.

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Written by   47
10 months ago
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Ledger has a Black Friday sale going on for 40% off for Thankgiving. If anyone is interested, they can buy the next couple of days.

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