Lessons of well-being we can learn from children

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It is obvious that children are more joyful than us adults... They run, they play, they laugh, they have fun, they enjoy the moment; they look at each new day, each new moment with curious eyes, in short, they live to the fullest... We adults, on the other hand, lose our child side as we get older; we fix our perspective and can close ourselves to many things. However, if we are inspired by children, we can initiate beautiful changes. Even though we are the ones who guide children, show them the way and teach them about life, let the children teach us a lesson this time.

One of the most important lessons we can learn from a child is to admire the beauty and joy of life over and over again. Children are endlessly curious. They are curious about everything, excited about everything, always asking questions, always wanting to know more, and never losing that spirit of novelty. We adults, on the other hand, often forget the last time we felt that sense of curiosity. It's as if we give up exploring; we don't want to generate questions, search for new answers... And eventually we lose our joy. However, when we rekindle that sense of curiosity we had as children, we can realize that life is surrounded by exciting moments; perhaps we can find the motivation to reach our dreams.

Have you ever seen children afraid of anything new? Not of the elements of fear, of course; only of the new and different? It is a little hard to see. Because children are always excited about something new. They take risks, they want to try, they wonder what will happen. That desire inside them to do it prevents them from feeling fear. As they grow up, things change; it is as if fear takes over the whole self and the new, the different is excluded. However, there is a very beautiful saying; the size of unspread wings is unknown. When we are willing to take risks, not to be afraid of differences and try something new, we can have fascinating experiences we never imagined and achieve great success.

With a mind stuck in the past or worrying about the future, we adults need to be inspired by children to learn how to stay in the moment. Children live in the moment; they experience everything literally by feeling. The taste, smell, sound, feel, texture, everything is very important to children; they pay attention to what is happening in the moment and for them there is only the present moment; they are really there. Most importantly, they manage to enjoy the moment.

Children have fun, they laugh, they don't care what people say about them. They live in the moment, enjoy the little things and smile and laugh to welcome a new day. Through their play, they get to know the world, reflect their inner world, learn while having fun, and reflect themselves. Play is the most natural and intrinsic act of being human. While a simple game brings great happiness when we are young, the reason for the happiness we miss as we grow up is perhaps that we have forgotten how to play.

Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up." Picasso said it so well... Creativity is an innate quality that everyone has, so it is never really lost; it is only hidden deep inside. To unleash your creativity, watch how a child creates, so you can let your imagination run free without being constrained by ideas of what is possible and what is not, and nurture your creativity without worrying about how others will interpret it. When creating, children do not follow any rules or standards or try to meet the expectations of others.

Children laugh when they are happy, cry when they are sad, react when they are angry... In short, they express all the emotions they feel without hesitation. When an emotion arises inside them, they release it; they scream loudly, they cry their eyes out, and when one emotion is over, they can immediately move on to the next.

Have you ever seen a baby who just crawls because he fell down while trying to walk? Or a child who hates going to the park because they are too tall to ride the swings? Even though we adults sometimes give up too easily, children don't give up until they get what they want. Thus, they can learn to walk, run, jump and every life skill we can think of. Inspired by their perseverance, we can find the strength to keep going when we are closest to giving up in the hidden child within us.

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