Telos (TLOS) is a Real-World-Ready

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Telos is built for speed and scalability making it the ideal network for mainstream adoption – the based tokens nfts and smart contacts are already used for Defi, gaming, social media apps and so much more. Telos partners with over 100 distinct applications (dapps) including taikai, t-starter, areaxnft, xstorage, ledger, anchor wallet, zeptagram, acorn, and many more. These applications enjoy the network's speed (0.5s block times) and scale (10,000+ tps) but also the robust on-chain services that provide voting, sentiment, decentralized file storage, location, and much more.

The Telos EVM is considered the most performant and most affordable Ethereum virtual machine available. TEVM  will be the only blockchain to support the two leading standards evm and eosio for smart contract development. These two technologies together make up the majority of the top dapps on popular tracking websites such as dapp radar.

Telos Key Information


Token Name TLOS

Circulating Supply 270,123,443.84 TLOS

Total Supply 355,208,371

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Top brands already use telos blockchain for real-world activities including transparent hackathon judging and payments through Taikai. The ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate and has quickly amassed a slew of innovative features that give it a competitive edge over other platforms. It can be used as a full-stack alternative or as a scaling solution depending on the needs of a project.

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