Money can give you happiness

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Money can buy you happiness if you spend it right

There is constant conversation of how much money it takes to be genuinely happy with someone. Many studies have shown that satisfaction levels grow in annual salary with revenue up to about $75,000. After that, income and satisfaction appear to have no correlation.

These studies look at averages, not any single individual's experience. Some people are able to make $30,000 a year and others think hundreds of thousands of people are required to sustain their lifestyles.

These studies do not look at how individuals invest their money. There have been several studies showing that when they spend money on such things people are happiest. Money, therefore, can really buy happiness if you use it properly.

Eliminating financial anxiety

The explanation that money increases happiness levels demonstratively until a point is that it takes a certain salary to feel financially secure.

When shopping at the grocery store, going out to dinner or paying your rent, getting ample money means no fear. When you are used to it this sort of protection is ignored.

However, understanding and being appreciative of the fact that you are free to buy stuff will make you happy even after your finances have settled in as usual. Basically, having enough money to purchase these basic needs would certainly raise your rate of happiness.

Buy experiences.

Money will provide you with the chance to have unforgettable experiences. While you don't need a lot of money to have those experiences, large sums of money will go a long way in order to travel the world and do so comfortably. Spending money on experiences would also give you many happy times as well as good memories to look back on.

One crucial point to remember is that the activities you pay for should be those you really appreciate, not just things that are valued by society. For instance, if you hate going to concerts, then splurging to go to a show is not a good use of your cash.

This is despite how many others may say they're jealous of you. You can instead, purchase experiences that you really enjoy. There are countless examples, but they include holidays, sporting activities, enjoyable dinners, tours and shows.

Money will encourage you to learn new things as well. To get in better shape, you might buy musical instrument lessons or pay for a fitness instructor. It'll make us happier to pick up new skills and discover hobbies that we enjoy. Consequently, investing money to get more out of your hobbies and interests is worth it.

Give to charity

Giving back to others makes us happy as well. In the lives of others, sharing the money with those who need it will go a long way. It's a warm feeling to be able to see the difference you are making. Therefore, money gives you a greater chance to contribute to charity and make an impact that will leave both others and you better off.

Help loved ones.

Another perfect way to spend cash is on people who you care about. It can be a wonderful feeling to support a sibling, parent or friend through a difficult time. For your child or a good friend, even being able to pour extra money into a birthday party would make you happier.

It can be hard to rationalize putting money into stuff like this without higher levels of income. However, when you have the chance, it will make you happy.

Buy things that give you more free time.

An underrated way of investing your money is to save time for yourself. There are several things we perform that we do not enjoy during the day. These vary for everyone but examples can include washing, cooking, driving and household chores.

You can spend it on removing these pointless tasks when you have more cash. To do them for you, you may pay others or find ways to automate them with technology. Doing so can free up time so that more of what you enjoy can be achieved.

Some items are also valuable.

One of the greatest challenges faced with buying items is that at first they become normalized and you fail to appreciate them, even though they are novel and exciting. That is why, typically, interactions seem to produce higher levels of satisfaction than goods.

This is not always the case of course. In general, buying items you will be able to enjoy and use often will make you happier.

Art is one good case. If you are someone who loves art, then it will make you happy to buy paintings and pictures for your home. You can see them regularly and can take the time to respect and admire them whenever you want to.

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