Don't Give your power away

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2 years ago

Think about someone you dislike.

How much time do you think about how much you dislike them? How much power do these people have over your mental energy?

Giving other people the power to control how you think, feel, and behave makes it impossible to be mentally strong.

Problems With Giving Away Your Power:

Not setting clear boundaries causes you to give away your power. Giving away your power makes…

1. You depend on others to regulate your feelings.

2. You let others define your self-worth.

3. You become sensitive to criticism.

How To Take Back Your Power

1. Forgive People Who Have Taken Your Power

2. Think Before You React

If you tend to react negatively, take deep breaths and excuse yourself from the situation.

3. Evaluate Feedback Critically

Ask yourself, what evidence is there that this is true? Why might this person be giving me this feedback?

One person’s opinion of you doesn’t make it true.

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