Do not avoid taking Calculated Risk

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Why Do We Avoid Taking Risks

1. Emotion is much stronger than Logic

2. We don’t usually Think about Risks

We base our decisions on emotions and habits. Ramember the time when you made a decision impusively. For example, you bought an expensice item that you really don't need or you sent an embarassing picture to someone of your friends, family, or crush.

In times like these, we need to control ourselves from making decisions impulsively. Give yourself some time to think over and over about your decision. Sleep on it. When making decision with an important matter, give yourself a week or two to think things through.

The Problem With Fearing Risk

You will be just some normal person or You Won’t Be Extraordinary Without Taking Calculated Risks

Taking risks means letting a great opportunity to come in. If we don’t take risks we are likely missing out on great opportunities.

How To Reduce Fear

Always Balance Emotion With Logic

Based on studies, there is just one during a in a 11 million chnace that you will simoly die in an airplane crash, on the other hand, there is a 1 in a 5000 chance that you will die in a crash over the same distance. But, passengers are so scared of flying all the way their destination. They prefer more to drive long distances in order to reach their destination. This kind of decision to drive is based more on their emotion, not on logic.

Think of this question, If you’re going to take a risk, wouldn’t you want the odds in your favor?

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