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Hi guys, my name is Barak.

A bit about me:

I am a crypto lover, a writer, and an entrepreneur. I used to write for other websites like, in which you get rewarded for writing content. The reward comes in a cryptocurrency which is called STEEM.

So, why did I try

To be honest with you, the reason I stopped using is that it seems to not be worth it anymore. I used to earn a nice amount of money on Steemit a few years ago. However, it was only at the beginning. Right now, GOOD writers on Steemit who used to earn about $50 per article earn only $2, which worths nothing compared to the time they spend writing articles for this website.

I also tried a website which is called claims to be a social network that rewards its users for being active and for their contribution to the community. You earn MINDS tokens for getting likes/shares/subscribes. However, the catch is that MINDS token has no real value in the market as it is not listed on any exchange. Therefore, you can't really earn from having MINDS tokens at the moment. I think that it may worth using that website in the future when we see the real value of the MINDS token.

What are my thoughts on

I always like to try out new website opportunities and it seems that be that is an awesome opportunity for the content writers. I think that everyone is looking for a good new website to make new friends and to earn some $$$ as well.

I hope to connect with as many good content writers as possible and to write good stuff for this website as well.

Why should you follow me?

If you want to wake up in the morning and have a smile on your face then I am the right Minder for you! I love to share funny stuff as well as beautiful pictures of nature.

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