The Hard Truth About Blogging for Money

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Blogging for money is not that easy as what most bloggers claimed due to the advent of various social media distractions and the competition right now is so stiff compared to the year 2010-2016. This article is not meant to discourage you to blog, but this article is meant to encourage you and at the same time for you to accept the realities on the ground.

This article is not meant to discredit all the bloggers out there who are already making a decent income online through blogging with the use of free blogging platform such as Read.Cash and other websites.

I just wanted to share the hard truth about blogging based on my very own experience. This is not to discourage everybody but just to remind them the realities on the ground and they should study every suggestions and be open minded.

Blogging for Money is Not that Easy:

Blogging for money is not an easy job even if you would consider yourself that you're already passionate with what you are doing, some bloggers will not accept this fact, but if we really wanted to help our fellow bloggers succeed, we should also be willing to share the hard realities on the ground and tell the truth.

As a blogger since the year 2010, when I first wrote an article online being paid by my friend who blogged since the year 2006, in fact his blog is still working fine right now, I think, it is part of my obligations to the community of bloggers to tell the truth about blogging.

Working as a part-time blogger since December 2010 while finishing my contract as a factory worker in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I think is enough already to share my thoughts about blogging.

In blogging you need to invest not just your time and efforts in writing but prankly speaking you have to invest for the domain name, the monthly recurring expenses for web hosting and of course your internet connection fees.

Reasons Why Blogging for Money is Not that Easy:

There are lots of reasons why blogging for money is not that easy and I listed some of the reasons below, we may differ in opinions but, I fell the need to share it with you anyway.

1. Monthly recurring expenses is indeed expensive if you are just starting your self-hosted blog as you need to pay for webhosting which ranges from $4.00-$8.000 monthly aside from the yearly domain name registration and renewal worth around $10-15.00.

2. Even with the presence of free blogging site such as,, and this platform Read.Cash and Noise.Cash. There's a lot of challenge for this platform unlike the self-hosted Wordpress Blog.

3. For beginners and would-be bloggers who are already starting with Read.Cash and other platforms, it is indeed easy at first but in terms of consistency we should consider our availability. Making money is not that easy as what other bloggers claimed based on their own experience as they did not considered the efforts made during the time when they are blogging.

4. Passion for writing is good for bloggers but the motivation of making money will always haunts them for sure, but they are just in denial of this fact. I am not criticizing those bloggers who are already making a decent income in this platform, what we are doing here is just exposing the realities on the ground.

5. Competition in blogging is really tough. During the time when I started blogging, there are only few bloggers out there and the YouTube vloggers are not that popular way back the year 2010-16 compared to nowadays wherein vloggers dominated our social media sphere.

6. Mainstream news media companies and corporations have dedicated people assigned to write a blog for their companies, which are considered to be competing against home-based bloggers and they are not that easy to beat in terms of search engine optimization for they are well-funded.

7. Video vlogging dominates over website blogging with the advent of YouTube, Facebook Video, and of course the most dominant service of all, Tiktok video-sharing platform.

8. Readers have change their habits of reading into just viewing videos in terms of consuming information online. It is really hard to competed against individuals with the same topics when they presented their information in terms of video format.

9. Advertisers seems to favor video blogging compared to website blogging as a whole, bloggers earned money through advertising and affiliate marketing but this methods of making money online already focused their efforts to video vlogging instead of the usual website blogging.

10. Recommendation technology employed by Tiktok is way more powerful compared to the usual search engine optimization technology used by Google and Facebook which resulted into poor showing of results to all bloggers thereby causing for a decline in revenue.


You may agree with me or not with the conclusions I made over blogging for money, but we should also be aware of the fact that should be known by everybody particularly people who are interested in blogging.

I am not using this platform to criticize all the bloggers out there who are already making a decent income online even without spending money in terms of hosting their own site but in terms of consistency, I bet they will realize sooner or later how difficult it is to make money online relying on services they don't really owned.

Some of you might question my opinion regarding making money online through blogging because you have already earned a decent income online through various means but in reality, did you really owned this service, if not, then you are at the mercy of those companies.

Prankly speaking if you are one of those who reached this part of the article, your motivation for writing is not just because you are passionate about writing but there's always some part of you who really wanted to make money online.

I have been absent for such a long while in this platform because I am having my own personal life and a day to day job but in terms of experience, you can visit my profile and know more about me.

If you are still reluctant and don't believe with my opinion, we have our own right. I am BantayanIsland, aka Ed Umbao of You can also find all my written articles being cited by Wikipedia since the year 2010.

Thanks a lot and more power to all of us.

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