Stages of human life

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Human life is combination of stages human life not run in smooth manner human cannot predict what is about to happen in his life the whole mechanism of ones life is decided by God and no other has influence in it as we progress in our life we are passing by different stages of life and we are experiencing different things in our life through which we learn lessons


This is the early stage of human life in which a person do not has maximum knowledge to know about himself but then he tried to discover his own personality and make assumptions this age is all about learning new things when a baby came into this world he seem everything strangely and everything looks new to him he tried to learn things it is actually age of toddler when babies start walking with our legs this age also include the babies paying attention to anything which they listen and see and then they get curious over it and at the end they try to learn the same thing which they have observed


this stage is also known as limbo because when in exploration stage we have learned new things and in that time were open but it the time of closing down just a bit it is the middle stage in between the previous learned things and entering new time of making relationships

during this time we experience new pathways and have firm believes over certain things it is actually applying those learning which we have learned in previous stage in our own life it is also known as powerful process because during this stage we questioned the previous stage and fight with our own thoughts it is also important because in this stage we integrate our thoughts and remain ready what is about to come in our life


the third stage is known as creation it can be done with the help of both previous stages because now we have vast sea of knowledge for doing experiment on previous knowledge we can raise as many as questions which we want and then we try to solve them with different techniques and at the end a new thing emerges which becomes creation actually this stage requires a lot of energy as output


the fourth life stage is sharing if the creation this stage include feeling of relief further excitement and the opportunity to see how your creation goes. In relationship this stage comes when couples bring their partner to their home to meet with members of family and afterwards sharing starts in their relationships

in the area of health after spending time with exercise and workout at the start we were not feeling well while doing exercise but once we get smart and become fit then our body gets use to it and we get ready to take part in a competition and face the social media where we can post on social media

in the branch of business first we start with just small group and we were just making small products but once we get proper skills over it we have such confidence to launch our own brand in front of so many companies

in short we can say that sharing establish our relationships with others and also it provides us further opportunities where we can carry on our work

letting go

everything which we create and experience there a moment comes in which we let it go this doesn't mean that it is about the ending of a thing it is actually about certain moments we do not want to be in our life it is a natural phase in our life if we don't like some things we just want to escape from those things and we just want to experience some new things I think we should let the things go only when we have get so much experience to tackle the situation but if we let it go soon then we can face a new crises that take extra time and energy to repair

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