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Fingerprint's current condition

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3 months ago

The development of technology today is very fast. Day by day more and more innovations are popping up as a result of the creativity of human geniuses in this world.

Advances in technology today have entered various things in human life. In various fields of life, such as in health, government, education and other fields.

Well, have you ever heard of finger print? Or even take advantage of it?

(Dokumentasi pribadi)

Finger print is a technology-based tool used to recapitulate attendance. How to use it is also very easy, namely by scanning the fingerprints of the thumb, index finger or other fingers.

If the user successfully scans his fingerprint correctly, it will be recorded as a sign of attendance. This fingerprint scan recording is directly recorded in the database.

The use of finger print technology is mostly applied in various companies, government offices, and has even been widely applied in the world of education.

Many educational institutions have used this technology to facilitate the attendance process. It has also been implemented in the office where I work.

(Dokumentasi pribadi)

Until before the pandemic, namely in 2019, the use of finger prints was still applied in the agency where we worked for attendance attendance recording.

However, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the existence of this finger print has been ignored. Various parties stated the reason that this tool could be a medium for spreading viruses (funny), haha

Finally, at that time the finger print was removed and was no longer a tool used to record attendance. The attendance attendance process was again carried out manually by writing a personal signature on a sheet of paper containing the attendance list.

Every tool or technology created by humans has its pluses and minuses. Including this finger print technology, there are still advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of the shortcomings of this finger print technology, what is of concern to us which is quite easy for us to underline is that the finger print cannot be used when there are barrier factors such as this pandemic. So that the finger print is just beautifully displayed in the display cabinet.

Then, what are the advantages that we can get from the finger print technology?

The application of finger print will build user awareness in terms of time management. Because the attendance recording process is carried out according to a mutually agreed schedule and deadline.

The application of this technology makes users more orderly and sensitive to time. Can avoid habits time corruption.

A lifestyle that cares for the environment or goes green due to the reduced use of paper which is usually used in manual attendance. Because the presence is enough to just scan the fingerprint.

The principle of using a finger print is to provide convenience because the attendance process is carried out in a more practical, faster and less time consuming procedure.

Again, we will discuss the main problems that cause this finger print technology to no longer be used due to the pandemic factor. So this tool had to be removed and currently only displayed in a storage cupboard of various items.

Its status may change from a very useful tool because it provides convenience, then ends up being electronic waste that pollutes the surrounding landscape.

What can you do because now the times are getting more advanced. The development of renewable technology is increasingly rapid and "astonishing". There are always changes or updates from previously developed innovations.

If the presence of the latest innovation is more efficient than the old technology, of course the existence of this old technology will be abandoned by its users. As the finger print position is blocked due to the pandemic, it will be replaced by a facial presence machine, for example.

fingerprint to face scan (personal documentation)

At the present time, attendance procedures have taken advantage of the sophistication of facial presence machines. In addition to using these sophisticated tools, many also apply the presence process via online applications.

That's the fate of finger print today. The days are getting dimmer and forgotten due to previously unanticipated factors.

However, can this finger print still be saved so that it doesn't end up as electronic waste?

It seems we can still take advantage of this finger print technology because the pandemic period will end soon in the future. Currently we are still in the transition period to the new normal era as usual, hope is like that.

If the time comes for us to live in a new normal, of course, this attendance recording process can again utilize finger print technology which used to be part of everyday life.

This is the current state of the finger print. There will be two things that will be experienced by finger print shortly when the pandemic has passed.

First, finger print is again used with regulations and procedures as we stated above.

While the second, the finger print still ends up being electronic waste that can pollute the environment and scenery later.

Hopefully, those who may return to using this finger print technology can be optimized so that attendance attendance recording effectiveness can run more adequately. We hope that finger prints are not wasted into electronic waste.

Let's always preserve nature and the environment in various simple ways that are possible for us to do. Before doing it together, start with ourselves, no matter how small it is.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   38
3 months ago
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