The importance of poskamling (environmental security post) for residents.

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Poskamling stands for environmental security post, the existence of this place provides security to the environment where I live.

Because every day there are people on guard, the environment will be safer, and residents also feel comfortable with this post. Incidentally, it is located close to my house, just leaving the post house is clearly visible.

Every night there must be someone on guard, all residents will get the schedule, usually there are 4 to 5 people on guard at the post, I happened to get a Sunday night schedule. Apart from the person on duty, sometimes there are some people who deliberately come to the patrol post just to go out at night while enjoying coffee and a few cigarettes.

There are several equipment that must be in this post, one of which is a kentongan (traditional alarm) this tool will be hit every hour, if the time is 10 o'clock it will be hit 10 times, and so on.

Alarm traditional (Kentongan)

Another benefit of this traditional alarm is to inform if there is a danger in the surrounding environment such as theft, house fire, etc.

In addition to the traditional alarm equipment, namely the patrol schedule, with the patrol schedule, people can find out who is on duty that night and who is not leaving.

Usually people on guard will come at 9 pm and end at 1 in the morning, there are several games that people usually play to prevent boredom, and to fill spare time. surely it will feel bored if you wait a long time without any activities, among the games are playing cards, playing table tennis, chess, and carom. Unfortunately some people prefer playing card games over other games.

People playing card (Remi)

Every now and then the patrolling person will wander around, to make sure that the environment is safe.

The point is that the presence of a patrol post makes people feel safe and comfortable, at night it will feel like someone is taking care of the surrounding environment.

In addition, the patrol officers indirectly help part of the work rather than the police.

It is impossible for the police to go around every village all the time to ensure that the conditions in the village are safe.

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