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We meet various people in our environment. They please us. They bother us. They are our friends. They are always against us.

Many intersect with our daily life. So like it or not, we will meet people, good and bad.

Can we tell the difference between good people and bad people? How do we tell the difference?

The easiest way to tell if someone is good or bad is to look at their behavior. A kind person will behave politely, guard his words, guard his mind, and establish sincere and good relationships with others. On the other hand, a bad person will always say hurtful words, fight with others, or have bad thoughts.

But shouldn't we just judge a book by its cover?

Yes indeed. The depth of the sea can be measured, but deep into the heart no one knows.

Outward appearance is not only the clothes worn, but also the behavior that can be caught by our eyes.

We really can't absolutely judge someone is good or not from his appearance alone. However, we can also deny that what is seen from the outside is what makes a person get a label.

We certainly often see how a teacher distinguishes which students are good and which are not good.

Good students are students who are silent, sit, listen when the teacher is teaching, especially if the student is smart.

While students who are not good are students who are naughty, noisy, like to fight, don't want to listen, and so on. The teacher may not care how the two students behave at home.

What about people who look good on the outside, but are only good at pretending?

What distinguishes a person is really good or just pretending (hypocrite) is from his sincerity. A sincere person, will remain just as good in all situations.

He will be the same person in joy and sorrow. There is a match between his heart, thoughts, words, and actions.

Meanwhile, people who pretend (hypocrites) have 2 different personalities. He appears when he's happy, then doesn't care when he's sad. In addition, hearts, thoughts, words, and actions are not always in harmony.

So, a good person is.....

They are good manners and it all comes from the heart. This kind of person is a person who sincerely does good and will always be kind every time we meet him. Even if he is in trouble, he will not change because that kindness comes from deep in his heart. Such people are the ones who make us feel good, because every good they do is pure.

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