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Why kids bully their mates.

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1 year ago

Although I am not a parent yet but I have had opportunities to work in schools and few other places where parents

dropped off their children so they could stay busy and be taken care of before they return from work.

Being around children can be very adorable and annoying at the same time, especially if they are from different homes and raised from different backgrounds. Kids are so innocent that most of their actions which are wrong are not even known to them, many of them that bully other children feel its normal to say those words but the words are derogatory and can be classified as bullying to other kids especially if the victim of bull has less of what other kids have.

In the times I spent working with children, I discovered that they are willing to behave better to their mates but how they end up being rude and unapologetic of certain wrong actions done to other kids get me wondering how it all started.

Why did I choose this topic today?

Our world is growing everyday, in population and in development. A lot of people we knew while growing up are no longer here today because time has happened to them, they've exhausted whatever quantity of time allocated to them and have passed on, leaving us to continue till our day comes. That is the same cycle of life that every single person living today will pass through and it is important that we raise kids will live a better life than we did. If we really check out how life is turning now, we'll see that life's getting colder everyday. We are presented with a curriculum to follow almost every single moment, this curriculum is seriously unfavourable and many times we don't even get the chance to bond with friends and family anymore, save for people who have most of their friendship built around those in their place of work.

The role of parents in the way a child behaves to others.

It is important that from childhood we make our children understand the importance of living a healthy friendship lifestyle. Although it is not a must that everyone in their schools and neighbourhood is becomes their friend, but keeping a positive and healthy relationship with them even from afar is important.

Some times after correcting the child and teaching him or her to treat other kids with love and making them understand that not all children are priviledged to have whatever they need or want provided for them by their parents due to maybe financial incapability of the parents or larger number of children within a household which need to be provided with basic amenities first before luxury, We noticed that a lot of these children changed positively in the way they treated other children and in the way they refered to them when speaking while with us and on several occasion we have had parents coming to pick up thier children and in the process of interaction with their kids the parent makes reference to other kids with derogatory words and that showed that these negative behaviours are more of an overflow of the parents character and how they treat people around them in the presence of their children.

On some occasions, the kids end up correcting the parents and letting them know of their new knowledge of how to treat people of different classes.

A lot of children adopt a positive attitude towards others but after a period of time which may involve holidays and on return you discover that they have returned to what they used to be or even worse and this can be easily concluded that there's a negative influence at home to the children and that it what they leash out to other kid.

How can we keep their innocence?

1. It will not be okay to speak ill of others in the presence of our kids as this makes them believe that its the proper way to talk about others.

2. If we happen to be an employer of labour, it will be bad to speak badly to people who work under us or for us especially when there's a child watching.

3. When theres a child who is less provided for, it is important that we let our children know that it is not the making of such child. It could be the making of the

child's parent, it could as well be non of the fault or the parent as he/she might be striving to provide for the child but has been unlucky with life.

Children tend to learn faster from what they see adults do and this should keep us at alert to be mindful of what we do in their presence. Also, if we jointly teach our

kids while at home that the other child out there deserves some respect even though life is not fair with him or her, they will grow to have respect for their peers who are growing up in lower income homes.

If the parent (s) treat people well in the presence of their kids, there is a higher chance that the child will treat others well.

Thanks for reading

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1 year ago
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