Pride goes before a fall

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There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. 'Good pride' represents our dignity and self-respect. 'Bad pride' is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance.

John C. Maxwell

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Bringing to the gigantic table today is Pride goes before a fall.

Before we fully dive in like Ed Sheeran, let's see what pride means.

Pride is the state of having an arrogance or conceit or superiority toward people.

A person full of pride sees themselves as greater than others in every aspect of life.

Ants that can be destroyed.

He/she feels on top of the world and see people as an ant that can be stepped on or spoken to, whenever and however they like.

Goes is a third-person singular of go which means to leave. Just someone asking you to leave their presence. For instance, go away!.

Before can be said to be later, after, previously, earlier, ahead, and all others. For instance, she ate the apple, before you came in. That means it happened earlier.

Fall is the state of going down, beneath, tumbling, or collapsing.

Pride goes before a fall.

When we say the aforementioned word, it means someone's arrogance or act of superiority leaving them ahead of tumbling or collapsing.

When your act of superiority leaves ahead of you going down it does mean, metaphorically speaking that the person has been put to shame.

The pride(arrogance) you think you have to look down on people leaves you alone in shambles, leaving you nothing to hold on to.

A sign telling someone to suck it up

Let's see a short story:

Sandra who was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Edward was raised well despite her parents being the richest folks in town.

Sandra was trained though but she never re-trained herself in the good manner her parents had hoped for.

She was rude, arrogant, and chided the old ones around her carelessly instead of having them spoken to in a good nurtured manner.

After all, her parents were rich and all they had would one day be hers, her parents tried in all possible ways but Sandra never budge and stuck to her ways.

When her parents died in a ghastly accident on their way out of their philanthropic mannerism Sandra was left all alone, she was happy and was certain her parents Willed all they had to her. But the arrival of the lawyer proved otherwise and Sandra was left with nothing else willed to her than a small plot of land with little money to start a farming business.

She cried and her arrogance left(her parent's property which had her prideful)left her before she fell.


people showing the beauty of their worn dresses.

Normal pride: this is the kind of pride you have towards your creations or work after working hard to get it done.

An artist who worked for days, canceling and tearing off works not done well will feel lots of pride if he gets one right.

And when one asks, "who had this drawn?"

He'd come out with happiness saying, " I did."

This kind of pride is not bad as long as we don't let things get over our heads.

Abnormal pride: is the kind of pride that makes you look down on people or see people's presence, not your time worth just like the story of Sandra.

Remember pride goes before a fall so be mindful of how you have people spoken to, humbleness is a great act towards attaining one's goal in life.

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Date: 11 June 2022.

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1 year ago


I always tell people never to confuse confidence with pride... Just as we shouldn't confuse low self esteem with humility. They are all different. I love how you did justice to this.

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1 year ago

Thanks, Mr square.😁😁

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1 year ago

Exactly my dear Balikis, humbleness is a big step towards attaining our goals in life, while pride goes before a fall. The pride beside arrogance make people look down on people, and it cause to their loneliness...

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1 year ago

Yes it causes great loneliness, thanks for the added comment

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1 year ago

I'd rather have the normal pride in me than the latter.

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1 year ago

The normal pride is well acceptable friend

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1 year ago