Nature's link to the past, Cultures and Elemental beings.

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There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is a society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

Lord Byron

Nature is believed by many as something, remarkable, bewitching, and magnificent. I see nature as the heart of mankind, the heart that unites us with everything that lives in it and beneath it. Nature is enthralling, extraordinary, and undeniably natural in such a sense that everything it brings out is so pure and worth seeing every day.

Nature has brought to us more than we can ever think of, breathing in its undiluted air, listening to the sound it makes, the morning dew it brings, and all other simple yet incomprehensible things make one wonder how something can be so breathtaking it gladdens each heart that sees and breathe it in daily. The presence of nature in my life and its acceptance can be linked to my past.

Linking nature to my past.

I was a chatterbox while growing up, I had this round full cheek that makes me look so attractive especially when I smile at people. I was so full of energy and stability but as we all know that life isn’t a bed of roses, at a very little age I could comprehend things better and faster and this brought me to my ruin! This gave birth to my introverted side which made me enclose myself from everyone, forming a defensive shield around me not to be tampered with. I became so bleak and stayed off people in general. In this time of turmoil came the presence of nature. It filled me in with its gracious warmth and it became my best buddy. I would go out at night just to see the star and moon because they help calm my racing heart. The sea became my gist partner as it filled me in with so much calmness and peace which I crave. The sea became a strong part of me and I found solace in its presence. The sound of nature and its breaths brought back a quarter part of my extroverted side, it brought in a lost light and filled me in with so much love I began to grow up from my pains, though the wound is still fresh in my heart, I hope for the day it will finally heal with the help of nature that brought its light to my heart and soul.

The presence of nature unites me with peace, love, and so much positivity that makes me thankful for being alive to feel it every day.

It is also known that nature always unites us with people we’ve lost as it said that in dust, we came, and to it, we shall return. The presence of nature has helped my vast knowledge of mythical beings.

Nature's Elemental Beings.

Stories have been told about faeries, dragons, unicorns and all other mystical spirits to be mentioned below.

After I came across the novel Elemental Heir authored by K.J Ferguson, it made me dive deep into nature on the quest to know more.

Through nature, I became so vast and knew about Gnomes, Sylph, Undines, Salamanders the mystical elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

Many stories have been written on all these and to my understanding the :

Undine is another elemental being of water also called a nymph which is usually found in pools, and waterfalls, and ancient has it that they have beautiful voices.

Gnome which is known to be short is a mythical creature whose name depicts ”Earth dweller” in Greek. This is an elemental spirit that guides the forest, mines, treasures, and all others.

Salamander which is the fourth elemental being of fire with a body shape of a lizard and speckle all over is an elemental being that controls fire.

Sylph which is an air spirit is said to be an invincible being of the air who protect the way the air moves or changes in it.

These mythical beings some believe humans have inside of them as the earth spirit depicts the desire to work and reshape the world as that of the Gnomes, the water element is said to depict the ability to love and feel like the Undine. Salamander is the fire element that depicts the power and will to constantly overcome anything and the air element which deals with our artistic sensitivity that helps maintain harmony and balance as that of the Sylph.

Nature in its glory has made me know all these and makes me feel united with them. Nature has also made me understand the certain specialties of cultures.

Nature in Culture.

Nature's gifts of Kola nut, Palmwine, honey, and all others are known to be used in Africa, and Nigeria precisely to help unite not just the bride and groom but also two families of the same or different races. The Kola nut according to traditional rites symbolizes peace, unity, hospitality, good health, and all other. The honey just like its name depicts is said to bring sweetness to the home of the newly wedded. All of these are never absent in any traditional marriage as it is known to unite all that taste out of it in laughter, happiness, peace, and all.

Being united with nature has made me desire to keep it safe like that of a caring mother and chase off those that harm it (deforestation, overgrazing, bush burning, and those who harm it).

Thanks for reading to the end, this was also posted on Hive.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Date:5 October 2022.

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I doubt if there will be anyone that didn't like nature, it's always a relaxing partner for us to converse with.

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