Dream's FBI or just a mere coincidence?

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For an old spy and codebreaker like myself, nothing in the world happens by coincidence.

Malcolm Nance

Dreams, do you believe in them, or do you just look away from them?

Do people's dreams mean something to you when it been said or do you just laugh at how absurd it sounds?

What do you term coincidence? Or you just don't believe in fate?

Let's see what these two things mean and how they shape our lives.

Dreams are the wish we have or imaginations that roam our minds while sleeping.

Coincidence they say is when something appears to be meaningfully connected whereas there is none.

If this is true, then what do we say about our dreams then when the bad ones hung their claws high up our throats?

Should it be analyzed?
Or just be taken as a mere coincidence?

The life we live now makes everything suspicious that we tend not to view it as a coincidence. Does that truly mean these things need to be investigated?

Sometimes our dreams are not the good ones we use to dream of and they scare us to the end, shaking us up into a stupor.

While some believe dreams don't have meaning to them, others take them personally and do not overlook their existence.

A short true-life event

I called a friend to explain what I saw five (5) days ago and she said to not fret and that it was nothing. I never said anything else but still had my doubt. Maybe while reading this, you would be able to tell which it is.

I have a friend whose mother is from a polygamous home, her mother saw me days ago and asked me to help get things from her room, she gave me the key, and I did as asked.

After picking up what she ordered I closed her door and put the padlock in it but locking it became hard so I just hung it there in a way it seems I locked it and I hurried over to her to give her the items so I could come back to face the lock.

On my way back, I saw the second wife's son outside, and immediately he saw me, he moved hurriedly inside and came out again. My mind told me something seemed fishy with his movement, on my way in, I saw a woman sitting in the sitting room(my friend knows the woman well that was why I had her called) and walking to the woman's place, I saw that the padlock was not how I fixed it and then I heard an odor, the one I knew the second wife has, and when I opened the door more of it was smelled but I didn't know what she did in there.

On the second day, someone knocked on my door and asked about the woman and I told the person I saw her going out, immediately the person panicked and asked me to call her and I was alert and did as told.

The woman in her discussion said, someone, knocked on her door very early and told her something terrible, according to the person, he had a dream that she died on her way out.

I stood upright and held my ears to know if I had heard right. An accident that led to death?

Immediately my mind drift towards the event the day before and I questioned myself, is this coincidental or should this be investigated?

The woman said, he told her he saw the second wife in his dream and that she ran home to tell people the woman died and minutes later the woman's dead body arrived home.

Are you with me, dear readers?

I heard this and felt a pang in my heart that I never told the woman I felt the second wife's presence in her room. I just sat down thinking, did the second wife do something when she entered?

Is this just a mere coincidence or should I tell the woman and have it investigated?

The woman came back home as she hasn't gone far and she prayed profusely.

I called my friend and told her of the turn in the event and asked what I should do, she was confused and then said we should pray with her.

I saw this as my fault if I had just waited and had the lock fixed, maybe the second wife wouldn't have entered the woman's room. I was bewildered by the event and all I could do was pray.

I haven't told the woman about the second wife's entry into her room and I do not know if I should make mention of it. I don't know how she will react to it and do not want to cause more rift between them.

The woman is alive thankfully, hale and hearty but still. Still.

Is this a coincidence?

Should I have it inspected?

What do you think of this?

What would you have done in this kind of situation?

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Date:2 August 2022.

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Dear Balikis, it is a very complicated situation. The second wife should not have entered her room, and of course if the woman finds out, there will be trouble. In such a situation, it is really difficult to decide to do the right thing.

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1 year ago

It is difficult dear Ellen, I don't know what to do.

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1 year ago