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Strange Mystery

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1 year ago

Girl: I am pregnant but I am a virgin.

Me: What are you talking about, is your head okay?

Girl: I'm fine. See this My report is written here I am pregnant but believe me I have not had sexual intercourse with anyone so far.

Me: I think you are not mentally right now. Take this and drink water.

Girl: I'm not here to drink water. I'm here.

I: What happened, why did you stop? Tell me what you came for?

Girl: To have an abortion.

Me: So far I have understood the whole drama. You yourself first went on a room date with your boyfriend and now you are here to have an abortion when you are pregnant. Get out of the chamber now. Mamun, this Mamun, Mamun.

Mamun is my assistant. Such a time comes when you call him, but why is it not coming today? Leaving the girl in the chamber, I went to look for Mamun. I came out of the chamber and saw that Mamun was nowhere around. I went a little further and searched but could not find it. When I finally found Mamun, I entered my chamber again and saw that the girl was not there. What a strange girl father. Because of these girls, other girls are being stigmatized in the society today. Just as I was sitting in the chair and thinking about the girl's words, Mamun entered the chamber.

Mamun: Sir, were you looking for me? Sorry sir I went to the washroom a little.

Me: Mamun, you know very well that I do not see patients with appointments. I treat anyone who comes. This is not to say that you will let nonsensical people into the chamber.

Mamun: Why what happened sir?

Me: A little while ago a girl came in. Is the girl talking all nonsense? The girl is pregnant.

Mamun: Sir, is the girl wearing black clothes?

Me: Yes, yes, the girl in the black dress.

Mamun: Sir, don't say any more, today the whole day the girl has driven me crazy to meet you. The girl is very strange.

Me: I understand. Well, Mamun, do one thing. I will not see any more patients today. It is already eleven o'clock at night. You tell today's patients I'll see them tomorrow.

Mamun: Well sir I am telling you.

I left the chamber with the bag in my hand and got on the rickshaw to go home. I am Bahadur Chowdhury. My family is with my mother and younger brother Rafi. My father died when I was young. Having struggled a lot since then I have become an established doctor so far today. So I try my best to alleviate the suffering of the patients and provide free treatment. If I am told who do you love more than mom in this world? Then I will tell my younger brother Rafi. Rafi is not my own brother. Rafi is the son of my father's friend. When my father's friend dies, Rafi is not responsible for my father. But suddenly one day my father also dies. Since then I have raised Rafi not as a brother but as a guardian. Most of the time, when I see a patient, it is eleven or twelve o'clock at night and when I go home, my mother scolds me. I'm sure you will gossip today. My head is still thinking about the girl who came to my chamber a while ago. The strange girl first says pregnant then virgin again. What will happen to these girls is a matter of concern. Do the girl's parents know these? What will be their reaction if they know? Why do these girls waste their lives for a little happiness. I reached home thinking about all this. I am sure that as soon as I enter that room, my mother will start talking. But entering the house is a completely different picture. My mother and younger brother Rafi have been waiting for me, arranging all kinds of food on the table very nicely. What is more surprising is that my mother is also scolding me. I sat down to eat at the dining table without saying anything to anyone.

Me: What happened, why did you cook so much today?

Mom: Oma, can't I cook for my son?

Me: No, I don't mean that.

Mom: You don't have to talk so much, you eat first.

I was eating with a lot of fun, just at the time I got annoyed to hear what my mother said.

Mom: Look, you're about thirty now. Get married now. And you are a good doctor. Wouldn't a girl marry you, but that girl will be lucky to marry a boy like you.

Me: Mom, I don't like it. Do you know how many times you have said this?

Mom: I will keep saying this until you agree to the marriage.

Rafi: Brother, please get married soon, then I will get married too.

Mom: Don't you have any trouble for me? At this age I cook and work for you.

Me: Mom, please don't say these things anymore. If Rafi gets married, then all the problems will be solved.

Mom: Don't talk too much. Why would Rafi get married? You get married and tomorrow we'll go see a girl. The girl's name is Ayesha Ahmed. Here is the picture of the girl.

I took the picture of the girl in my hand and threw it in the garbage basket.

Me: I won't listen to anything and I won't see pictures of any girl.

Mom: I understand that I will never see your marriage while I am alive.

The Bengali serial started. I have told my uncle many times to cut the Zee Bangla and Star Jalsa channels from our TV but it has not been cut yet.

Rafi: Brother, please marry Turmi. I think if you get married, my mother will also help a lot and I will also get a thought.

I finally agreed with the two of them.

Me: All right, I'll go see the girl tomorrow.

A victory smile on the faces of the two. Rafi entered the room while I was lying in the room.

Me: Shall I say something?

Rafi: Brother, we actually have a tour in Sylhet after 15 days. Everyone is going there so I want to go too.

Me: It's what you tell me, you must go.

Rafi: Brother, it will cost me five thousand rupees.

Me: It's been so long to say this. Take my credit card and spend whatever it takes.

Rafi: I love you brother.

As soon as Rafi came out of the room, I saw my mother standing in front of the door of the room listening to the two of us.

Mom: What happened? Rafi asked for 5,000 rupees and you gave him a credit card. Did you fix it?

Me: Mom, you know I grew up with a lot of deprivation since childhood. So I don't want Rafi to suffer as much as I grew up. I want to fulfill all his desires.

Mom: Listen, nothing extra is good. There may be problems later.

Me: Mom, nothing will happen. You can rest assured.

I woke up in the morning and went to the chamber to eat and drink. As soon as he sat in the chamber, Mamun handed over the newspaper. I have a habit of writing down the news that I like, good or bad. I was reading the newspaper with one mind and suddenly my eyes got stuck on a news on page 12. The news was like this - last night this girl named Ayesha Ahmed committed suicide by consuming poison at her home on Nebel Road. Police have no clear idea of ​​the cause of the girl's suicide. I know why I know the name Ayesha Ahmed, but I can't remember exactly. There is a picture of the girl with the news. The biggest reason to be surprised when I saw the picture was that the girl who had committed suicide came to my chamber last night. Yesterday I was worried about her future and today she is gone. I know why people do bad things and then commit suicide after doing bad things. The result of bad deeds is always bad. Maybe it happened to the girl too. I put the newspaper aside and started seeing the patient. I was sitting in the chamber at three in the afternoon watching the patient when my mother called.

Mom: Listen, I have sent an address message on your mobile. Get there as soon as possible.

All I could understand was that my mother was telling me to go home. After reaching my daughter's house, I realized that they would marry me and leave. The whole house is very nicely decorated. As soon as I entered the house, my mother called me and sat me next to her. My younger brother is sitting next to me. My younger brother is more excited than me to see his future wife. My brother loves me more than Budd and I love my brother more. My mother is talking to the people of my future father-in-law's house. If I am asked any question, I also answer yes or no. A little later my future wife was placed in front of me. My knees began to shake when I saw my future wife. This is the girl who came to my chamber last night and read the news of her suicide today. But if the girl is dead, then who is sitting in front of me. I went to Rafi's ear and whispered,

I: What is the name of your future future?

Rafi: Ayesha Ahmed.

Hearing the name made my head spin. My whole body began to tremble with fear. Because the name of the girl who committed suicide is also Ayesha Ahmed.

Mom: Why are you trembling like this?

I ran out of the house without telling anyone and went straight to my chamber. As soon as I entered the chamber, I picked up the news paper. I opened page 12, I searched the whole page for the news of the suicide of a girl named Ayesha Ahmed but strangely I did not find the news anywhere. I looked at the places I had marked with the pen to see if the newspaper was today. All the spots are fine, even the three spots that I have given on page 12 are fine but the news of the suicide of the girl named Ayesha Ahmed has disappeared!

Will continue

Story: # strange_mystery

Episode: 01

Author: #Khan_Bahadur

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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i really love your articles khan bahadur

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1 year ago

really interesting story , carry on my dear brother

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1 year ago