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The Hidden truth

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1 year ago

Arewa24 TV, a weapon of choice...

"Do you know that Arewa-24 TV station doesn't belong to anyone in the North, nor Nigeria?

Do you know that Arewa-24 TV station was invented by the American CIA?

"Do you know the motive behind the CIA's decision to invent such TV station in the heart of Northern Nigeria?

I have spent the last few days understudying the founders and motives of Arewa-24 TV station. Below summarizes my findings which are shocking...

Yes, Arewa24 TV station is owned by the USA, and was invented by the CIA under the pretext of 'deradicalizing Boko Haram'.

However, any rational thinking Northern folk will easily see the smoke in such deceitful and baseless claim by the CIA. This led to more digging to find out the actual motive of inbenting the TV channel, and the deliberate choice of location (Kano).

*Arewa24 as a weapon of choice for the CIA*

Recall that Nigeria is the most populated black nation on the face of the earth, Northern Nigerian Muslims are perceived to be amongst the most conservative and practicing Muslims in the world.

I'll share some perspective to aid understanding of this. There are some Muslim countries that sentence Muslim men to jail if they marry a second wife. Yes, I mean Muslim countries (such as Tunisia), while a good number of Muslim countries only hear about polygamy but not in practice.

Northern Nigeria is amongst the very few locations in the world where public drinking of alcohol is denounced. You can claim that such is done in places like Jos, and some christian dominated areas. But these locations are less than 10% of the North as a region, hence doesn't change the fact.

Also, recall that about 13yrs ago, Northern Nigeria played a pivotal role in fighting the satanic demonic miss-world program that was planned to take place in Abuja during Ramadan of that year.

Northern Nigeria is where you see women dressed in an Islamic acceptable attire (although this is changing fast), hijab is seen almost in every street and corner.

You will agree with me that for a responsible Nigerian Northerner, the Northern culture and Islamic values are mutually interrelated in most cases.

The CIA launched the Arewa24 TV station to eliminate the Islamic values from our core cultural values, thereby leaving the Northern Muslims at the mercy of all sort of immorality, so the region can welcome the Western satanic ideologies and animalistic lifestyle such as: gay marriage, transgender, disobedient to parents, drinking, removal of hijab...

Please understand that as a tactical move, the goal may not necessarily be on you/I/us, due to our Islamic foundation, but our younger ones, our children and the generation that will come after them.

This is why the station promotes musicians, artists, showing one can become famous by doing indecent things that completely contradict the Northern custure, let alone the Islamic values.

The station presents mostly people that act in an unislamic manner, people that lack morality, but position them as successful people so that the younger generation will either emulate them, stop seeing anything wrong in such immoral acts, or worse case weaken their hearts and mind away from Islamic proactive via wasting time on unnecessary things rather than going to islamiyya.

Today, Northern women learn how to talk down, shout at and direspect their husbands.

Northern women now kill their husband's at will, and guess what, the Western advocacy groups jump in to defend them from being prosecuted so that the menace will continue.

We have alot of women and youth that don't know how to perform basic Islamic practices like prayers in the North, but can spend many hours watching Arewa24.

Children learn how to disrespect their parents via different TV programs.

The CIA has funded the interpretation of different Bolly/Nollywood films/programs in Hausa language, to catch even those that have never been to school. This plan is working very well. Almost every woman and youth in the North now has a specific program of interest that he or she watches on Arewa24.

*You have a role to play*

Now that you know what is happening, what are you going to do?

1) Have alternative channels that teach Islamic values, such as Peace TV, Huda TV, Sunna TV, Manara TV...

2) You must ensure that your children and wife/wives all attend Islamic school.

3) Convince any of your wealthy friend/associate from your contact to invest in a TV station that will be beneficial to the Ummah via designing educative programs. He will run it as business to make profit from adverts, program sponsorships...

4) Use your power and influence to ban and parmanently sieze the license of Arewa24 TV station.

Allaah Ya TSARE MANA imaaninmu

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Written by   21
1 year ago
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Nice, continue protecting the world

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1 year ago

The life we are in is full of tears

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1 year ago