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Latest improvement of technology in our industries

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2 years ago

The coherent continuation of the improvement of specialized arrangements in the field of robotization of mechanical cycles in different ventures was the presentation of robots. Today, there are various applications in the industry where robots can be utilized proficiently. Their application is inspired by specialized and financial reasons, of which we will list just the key ones:

1. expanding the nature of completed items (in the cycles of get together, machining and welding, for instance)

2. decrease of scrap (in gathering and taking care of materials)

3. expanding the level of consistency - consistency of value (in all cycles, identified with the repeatability of the robot)

4. expanding the level of security at fill in general (particularly in unsafe conditions - destructive, forceful, combustible, unstable and different conditions, with a serious level of insurance of the robot itself)

5. decrease in required labor in normal and dreary cycles.

6. decrease of creation and upkeep costs all in all.

7. Meeting the necessities forced by rivalry and progressively severe quality guidelines.

Notwithstanding the specialized preferences that the utilization of robots brings, it should be underlined that the discernment of bringing robots into explicit plants is adapted basically by the volume of creation and the idea of activities that the robot (or more robots) ought to perform. On account of large scale manufacturing measures, a gathering of parts or bundling, where there are countless redundancies of similar activity or a progression of tasks, the benefits of robots are practically self-evident. Obviously, with the expansion in the volume of creation, the cost of presenting robots falls, so that there are successive cycles where the put finances return is barely a year and just based on work reserve funds. In the content that follows, I have actualized, in addition to other things, the experience of the Japanese organization Motoman, which is one of the main robot makers on the planet with 27% piece of the overall industry (the following contender has 25% offer, while the third organization in the market has just 11% cooperation).

Even though it is hard to list all the territories in which robots are as of now utilized or can be utilized, we will list gatherings of cycles in which it is now instinctively evident that they are appropriate for the utilization of robots. That is:

1. Mechanical get-together and/or molding

2. Electrical collapsing (association)

3. Material dealing with (parts)

4. Pressing

5. Application (showering) of fluid parts and painting

6. Item testing and investigation

In specialized terms, the plan of every creation line, which ought to incorporate robots, must be done separately and specifically. This incorporates the accompanying contemplations:

1. evaluation of the requirement for the presentation of robots in specialized, innovative, and monetary terms

2. assurance of key spots in the innovative cycle where the robot (or robots) ought to be presented

3. Deciding the essential specialized qualities of the robot dependent on the necessities forced by creation (measuring the heap, deciding the necessary number of levels of the opportunity of things to come robot, characterizing gear for adjusting the robot, the necessary space, power gracefully, and so on)

4. exact meaning of mechanical prerequisites and, likewise, the activity that the robot ought to perform.

5. characterizing changes that should be made in the work innovation and gear in the current plant.

At last, a few confusions, that is, the typical biases identified with the presentation of robots, ought to be quickly thought of. They are for the most part identified with the labor force and the nature of the results acquired.

Concerning the decrease of the labor force, it is a cycle that is inescapable, yet it isn't restricted to a simple decrease in the number of laborers on the line. In particular, it is sure that each industrial facility endeavors to lessen creation costs and give the best eventual outcomes, because of expanding rivalry. With the presentation of robots, the labor force is occupied with better positions, that is, in adjusting the creation line and checking the cycle. What's more, it should be accentuated that with the presentation of robots, the labor force is less and less occupied with troublesome, genuinely and intellectually tiring, risky, and routine positions, which positively affects the security and wellbeing of laborers, which is unquestionably an overall advantage.

Concerning repeatability and exactness underway, plainly in occupations with a high recurrence of reiteration of similar work activities, human work can't be contrasted and robots, which are sacred in this part, since they generally keep a similar quality and movement of work.

It is sure that in light of a legitimate concern for the overall improvement of the business and our conditions, the presentation of robots will turn into a typical practice, and not a cutting edge thought.


The essential inquiry that emerges before the presentation of robots in mechanical cycles, in all modern cycles the subject of financial matters fundamentally identified with the specialized and innovative part of the cycle, we will review the primary specialized and mechanical points of interest of utilizing robots:

1. expanding the quality and consistency of completed items, semi-completed items and improving the cycle itself

2. decrease in scrap

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Written by   22
2 years ago
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