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1 year ago

When I was in high school... Alwys go to the mall... Shopping 🛒 eating with friend..i Alwys goo to the one of the shop Der..... After we play game at fun en play en play.. When tym to go home we start to pack things and where get ready back home.. When we get home.. I feel tired en hungry.. My mother say.. To kitchen en eat before u sleep...i ignore my mother say.. When I start to 😴 sleep... En snoring 😴 so deep.. There one person...coming to me they

"hey girl get up this are special day"

I get up with curiosity in my face en to see hu's here beside me...I see the face I never since before.. A mam so much handsome....with brown hair.. Kissable lips.. "Oh shit" I said in my mind...

I stand up in my bed en go to bath room to get showers... The man go next me.. Come with in that bath room..

"What are doing here "I say..

" I'm taking shower" with u.

What!!!? 🤔 I said..why!!!? said again

"I'm your husband u forget honey"

"I have husband, I'm just only 16.".i say

"Seriously your 25 yrs old enough to get husband my dear.. "The man said

" What happen to u" .. He asking me

I hold my head, end close my eye if this is true.. The mam said!!!

Come on the water is waiting to us... Still I'm shock that cannot believe....

The man start to take out the short that only wear.. "Oh shit "I said...

" Ur so perpect "I said

" I'm only ur"!!! Man said then he start to kiss..after that there some hold my arm en say hey

"wake up.. Wake up diner was ready" I open my eyes en say..

"Wer is my husband we start to kiss wers my husband"

Der someone 👏 clap in front my face and say,

"r u crazy u don't have husband u r just only 16 how u say u have husband...

I said" oh shit way u waking up he supposed to be kiss my husband en taking shower..

My sister smile.

"" "In ur dream baby girl" "

I get up en I say in my mind

It's so real saddenly it just only my dream...

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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Excellent one

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11 months ago