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being best libra ♎

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1 year ago

Pinang anak mula September 23rd hanggang 22nd NG October, ang libra ay kilala bilang tahimik,madiplomasya,at marunong nkihalobilo. Sumisimbolo sa timbanga..

 they value justice and equality and often seek out careers in law enforcement or in the non-profit sector. They also appreciate balance and symmetry, both in life and in art. Your Libra friend is likely the one dragging you to art and cultural events, as they hate being alone and love sharing things they find beautiful with others.

OH Diba nhirapan ako dun..

If you ask a Libra what they value most in life, the answer is going to be


Libras strive for balance in each area of their lives. If you have a friend who seems to have the perfect work-life balance, for example, there is a good chance they are born under this particular star sign.

While you might catch a Libra working late or on the weekend, there is a good chance they first made sure some time off, or extra pay was coming their way before agreeing.

Yan laman Yung mga Ilan sa katangian NG isang libra

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