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Cultivate Love

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1 year ago

How do we cultivate love? People invest time, money, food, clothes, and shelter into their relationships, but the relationships eventually fall apart. It's wonderful that you put all of those things – and much more – into your relationship, but they'll never be enough to bring love to perfection.

To me, and I'm sure you'll agree, love grows best when there's OPENNESS. Openness is a tool to help them achieve their goals, not a substitute for an event, income, food, clothing, or shelter. Someone may show you concern, but you may be dissatisfied because you believe they are doing less than they should.

Money may be given in the same way, with the receiver questioning whether the giver is giving the best. Openness, on the other hand, allows you to understand each other regardless of your current situation. In this way, any gesture of affection from the other can be appreciated.

No matter how bad a relationship has become, if there is honesty and the realization that they really want to marry each other, it is possible to fix it. However, keeping any secrets from one's wife is a recipe for getting married and having those secrets revealed. When those secrets are revealed in marriage, it will not only be a wake-up call, but it will also be the start of a series of failures.

Without a doubt, any partnership in which both partners are open to each other has the potential to reach new heights. When I say transparency, I'm referring to a partnership forum in which neither partner can keep something hidden from the other.

Not everybody believes this because society teaches us that if you've never lied to your partner, you don't care for his or her feelings. More unfaithful relationships would emerge as a result of this philosophy than faithful ones.

Nobody would talk about their 'emotional skeletons in the closet of their minds' if they believed this. All will do whatever their intuition tells them to do. No way! That isn't how love grows. As far as I'm aware, nothing breeds TRUST more than openness.

And a relationship based on distrust is akin to a lovely home constructed on a dunghill. If you want ecstatic love, you must find a way to incorporate openness into it. Let your partner understand that you both need to be available to one another.

When you have transparency in your relationship, you will notice the following:

- It increases one's freedom with their partner and enriches companionship.

- It aids in the development of a trusting environment

- It aids in determining where and when individual partners need change.

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1 year ago
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