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Hello gardeners it's my throwback memory. Back then I was not using Readcash. But thanks to me that I always saved my memories. That's why today I am getting chance to post this one into Hive garden.

This memory is not much past. Just last year I went to Islamabad. We all family members went there to attend a wedding ceremony of my cousin. They are living in really green area wherever you will see you will see only greenery. I was amazed to see the natural beauty there.

The thing which attracted me the most was the garden in front of their home. Actually that is also the part of their home. There were so many plants and trees growing happily.

It was winter weather. Noor Ul Ain who is my cousin took me to their yard garden. There were many apple's trees. Not just apples there were many other dry fruits and fruits. This was my first experience to see so many trees of fruits. Actually in our area there are not this kind of trees. We mostly saw mangoe, orange and this kind of other trees.

Noor Ul Ain who is my bestie cousin gave information about every try. I was getting crazy to see the beautiful little pinkish flowers.

I even requested her to send apples to my home whenever they will be fully ripened. Infact she sent them after one week.

When we were there to attend the wedding ceremony actually these apples were not fully ripened. Some of them were near to ripening.

With permission of my cousin I took one apple from the tree and I tasted it it was pretty good. Really it was a nice experience to see apple tree.

Even I am planning to go back there. But I will go in midwinter.

Here I was tasting the apple.

Tell me your story- have you ever been to your cousin's wedding and have you ever saw there any free which you never have seen before?

How's your relations with your cousins?

Thanks for stopping by

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What a wonderful experience! Your trees are beautiful, and I love the idea of posting the lived experiences. Sometimes we have so much to tell

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2 months ago

I really want to eat that apple. Oh I remember that apples are filled in my freezer so I am going to eat them.

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3 months ago