Bloody Sounds

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4 months ago

There are so many sounds which irritates me and become a reason to annoy me.

`Door getting open and close`

This is one door which always get close and open. It irritates me whole day. Thanks to my father who has fixed this problem. I remember that whenever I go to sleep it always become hurdle in my sleeping. Because it closes like big monster's sound "Shuttttt".

I think everyone can relate with me that sleeping is one of priorities. Anything that become hurdle in sleep spoils the mood and annoys us.

For a better sleep i really want that this door should always be

`Pulling of Chairs`

Noise that generates from pulling of chairs also irritates me a lot. It's not just about pulling a chair i want to classify the whole furniture. Anything in furniture creates disturbance in my calming routine life.

`scratching of nails`

Nails also create some kind of noise. That noise irritates me but in sense of creepy noise. Means I want to say that the noise which is generated through scratching of nails sounds creepy to me.

`Spoon Noise With plate`

Whenever I eat i try to produce almost little noise. Because i follow the strict rule that while eating there should be no voice. Even my parents don't like the noise of spoon. Whenever I listen the noise generated by spoon, my ears got irritation.

See my dear fellows I am not pretending to be like an oversensitive person. I am just sharing some bloody noises which are annoying to me. I think you all are might feel that I am trying to show myself as a sensitive person but I am not.

Honestly guys I am not so much irritated but just I have to mention those sounds which are reason to spoil my mood. I am very calm person so I like everything in calm full mood.

Still I am recalling that there are so many other voices which annoy me. I think the other sound which I have not mentioned they annoy me much. Like the noise of truck and buses is so annoying. I would like to mention another noise which is noise of generator.

Whenever light went off my father turn on generator and it's noise is so irritating to ears that I put my headphones on.

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