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Tired brain today...forms, offices, problems

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4 months ago

It’s 9 o’clock in the evening and I’m already tired, even though that’s when I used to get my things started after Bence went to bed.

I’ve wanted to write articles on several topics, but frankly, my brain no longer works the way I want it to, so it’s kind of a nonsensical article like writing a diary. Hehe!

We recently got home from my mother-in-law where I almost forgot my phone and I started looking for my key in my bag at the door to close the door after we got out. Hehe! I don’t have a key to their apartment, I just pretended to leave home. I’m just saying this to illustrate how much my brain is no longer working today.

As I wrote in my previous article, Bence was diagnosed with autism. That's why I have a lot of things to do right now. The state provided the financial support but it required an expert opinion, an application had to be written and a certificate from the crèche that Bence did not spend more than 5 hours a day there. (I usually call it kindergarten, but in fact, Bence won’t really be in kindergarten until the fall. The institution he goes to kindergarten is at the same time, but he is still with little ones.

So I took the form there yesterday to be signed by the head of the institution. But unfortunately it didn’t work out, I was told I had to go to the central kindergarten and ask them to fill out and sign the form there. Okay, I went there this morning, and the head of the institution wasn't there, so I came home, I went back later, and then I went to the mayor's office to ask for support with the filled form.

The lady in the office looked at my papers and said she didn't answer. The form was not filled in properly in kindergarten. I quickly went back to kindergarten, we made a new paper, and then I went back to the mayor’s office again. I spent so much time rushing back and forth that by the time I was done I could start to bring Bence home after lunch.

In the meantime, another problem arose anyway. I had enrolled Bence in kindergarten before to go there in the fall. But now I was told they could not accept autistic children in any of the normal kindergartens in the city. Arg! I have to go to another city for another committee of experts to see if Bence can be integrated into a normal kindergarten. In vain do I say that Bence’s autism is mild, he can be integrated, and the psychiatrist specifically asked me to enroll him in a normal kindergarten, not a kindergarten for children with disabilities. And of course I have to go to this committee too so Bence can get the right improvements in kindergarten. Because in vain I took him to a highly respected doctor because the doctor is in another county, the paper is not accepted from him. Do you understand? They accept the diagnosis, accept the expert opinion to establish support. What matters is the doctor's diagnosis is that they don't want to be admitted to kindergarten. But no matter what improvement the doctor suggests, it should be confirmed by the local committee as well. Arg! Bureaucracy...

Of course, it is almost impossible to reach the committee of experts by phone, at least I did not succeed. Best of all, a machine says on the phone that "You called the county pedagogical expert committee, please wait," and then after several minutes of waiting, the line disconnects before anyone rings on the phone. I didn't talk to anyone, but I'm paying for the call.

By the way, we were already on this committee last fall, but we still got an appointment after about half a year. Maybe also because the special education teacher we go to has nothing to do, he will send our paper and then the committee will call me. I told him every week they still didn’t call me, but he always told me not to call them and then they would call me. That's what I did. Then months later it turned out that the special education teacher forgot to send our paper. Lol! I say lol, but it wasnt funny...

The same special education teacher told me I didn’t have to go to the expert committee this year because there would be enough expert advice from the psychiatrist. And in kindergarten, I was scolded for not going there. Hehe .. not funny again. 🙄

Is this the case in your country? Is everything so hard to handle? Are the professionals so controversial? I've only been trying to take care of everything related to this for two days now, but my brain is already sucking.

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Written by   140
4 months ago
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I'm sorry to hear how hard things are. And in our country some things are just as difficult to solve, others easier Usually if you can give some money it will be solved faster anywhere🙂

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4 months ago