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The folly of youth

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3 months ago

I am 31 years old and sometimes I feel very old. Hehe! When I was younger I partyed a lot, I was almost never home, I think I could really enjoy my youth, I really lived. Sometimes it's missing!

But every stage of life has its own beauty, it’s natural that as a mother I’m no longer at a disco or concert every weekend, I don’t travel from a sudden upheaval to a distant city to meet someone I’m talking to on the internet. In fact, what I did when I was young now I consider it irresponsible, or I’m not so brave anymore, I don’t know. When I was 18-20 years old I repeatedly traveled to unfamiliar people, met the internet and these conversations made friendships, sometimes love.

Many times you hear about young girls being cheated on by bad people somewhere and ... bad things happening to them. That’s what I thought when I wrote down the irresponsibility I used to do. Luckily, nothing bad ever happened to me and the train station was really the person I was chatting with before. I had a very good friend, even though that girl was about 10 years older than me, we still had a great time together. This girl lives in the capital and I visited her many times and we went to parties together for days. Unfortunately, the friendship broke down after a quarrel but I often think of her.

Then one day I saw a post on Facebook, a boy asked if anyone would go to a certain music festival with him. I didn't really know him, just as much as I know you, for example. We talked online sometimes but never met in person. It was actually weird that he lived in the city where this festival was held. Why didn't he go there with his friends? Didn't he have friends? hmm .. I didn't think about that then. I was happy to get to know him in person and not have to camp in the festival area for 4 days but have "accommodation". Haha!

Unfortunately, I can’t say it was a very good experience to be with him because we were very different. We always wanted to go to different concerts, we wanted to party differently. So after a while, we didn’t spend all our time together at the festival. Many would surely be sad if they had to party alone at a festival, but I loved that. I went where I wanted, I did what I wanted, I didn't have to adapt to anyone, I made friends with others, I had a good time. We didn't become good friends with the boy. But we can't be friends with everyone right? There was no anger among us.

I’m sure everyone did something in their youth that they’re not proud of. You must have some cool stories. Something happened to me that I should probably be very ashamed of, but honestly when I remember that case I still have to laugh. I need to know that I get offended very quickly in general, it can easily upset me. When my friends and I went to parties with my friends, we often lent each other our clothes or something. So one night we went to a party and I was wearing a t-shirt from one of my friends. This photo was not taken then but the girl on the right is the girl whose t-shirt I was wearing. I'm on the left anyway.

We started arguing about something and finally I got so angry on the street during the quarrel that I took off this t-shirt and threw it there to my friend and said "f*ck your t-shirt".

A boy saw this and came up to us and just slapped me. Hehe! I didn't really understand what his problem was, because he wasn't with us, and I didn't know the reason of the slap in my face, maybe he was just outraged by what he saw. I really do not know. So I finally walked home in a bra. It was a little uncomfortable, but I didn’t really show more than a bikini on the beach.

Do you have any unpleasant stories that you weren't afraid to tell? Share it with us.

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Written by   140
3 months ago
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ohh .. you go home without a bra maybe a lot of men who seduce you because you are beautiful.

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3 months ago