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Earn money daily with GLINK

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A good friend of mine recommended me an app with which I can earn money. More specifically, a good friend of mine told me that a mutual friend of ours is using some kind of app that we can easily earn money from.

So I wrote him a message and inquired about the possibility, and he was willing to respond and help me.

Registration is very simple, all you have to do is enter your phone number and a password.

Once you have signed up, you will need to enter your USDT (TRC20) address, it is best to use Binance to do so. When you’re done with that, you can use the app experience feature for 3 days, which gives you 3 $ a day. However, you will then need to deposit USDT to continue using the app and purchase any of the packages of your choice.

The smallest package is 50 $ which allows you to earn 1.5 $ per day for 350 days. You have already earned 9 $ in your first 3 free days so you only need to pay 41 USDT to buy this package. Don't forget the fee, Binance will deduct 1 USDT, so you'll need to send 42 to get 41 in your account. Just click to "recharge", add the amount what you want to send in, copy the address send the amount via binance. Don't forget to use TRC20 network. When the transaction is complete you have to send screenshot about it to the customer service.

Unfortunately, due to my currently catastrophic financial situation, I bought the smallest package, but if I had the opportunity, I would have started with the second package, which costs 200 $ and could earn 7 $ a day.

If you bought the selected package then all you have to do is open the app once a day, click on the middle menu item below, then the start button, wait a few seconds and your balance will be updated.

The minimum withdrawable amount is $ 10. Just click on withdraw and enter the amount you want to withdraw. The amount (-2usdt fee) will arrive in your wallet that day. The fee is always $ 2, no matter what the amount, so it’s not really recommended to withdraw the money every $ 10.

I only did this to show you that I actually got the money.

You can also earn money by inviting your friends. You also get a small amount if they invite their friends.

If you want to try this app please use my link.

You can join to the telegram group too where you can find informations, experiences, and you can get help of you need. (GLINK official telegram group)

I would like to point out that this is not financial advice and everyone invest your money based on your own research and decision.

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Written by   140
6 months ago
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Looks interesting. I wonder however how does the app make the money if they can pay you every day? Is it like delayed interest from your initial investment?

PS. I hope it will help you at least to some extend with your situation 💙

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6 months ago

Actually, the way I see it is that there is money in the app from the packages we buy. And since the withdraw fee is $ 2 and the deposit fee is only $ 1, I think they have $ 1 of the withdraw fee. So obviously it won’t last forever either, but I’m confident I joined in a good time.

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6 months ago