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6 months ago

You only have to look at the history of the BCH chart to realize that it is at a very fast climbing point

Bitcoin Cash is only one step away from $600 and can reach $700 again and that's what this daily graph shows

This is a daily graph

Look at the Arrow on the left. BCH achieved upward movement with support-friendly corrections.

Forgive my English but this needs to be explained quickly ... when we see the arrow on the right side we realize that it's having a similar movement and it's possible that it breaks the roof of the 600 that can easily explode around $700

In fact if we look at the history of the whole graph we find similar patterns always.. every time BCH enters the 500 zone it does so to increase its value by more than 30%

If you're going to make some movement take BCH into account because it only shows slow but safe growth

It's not an investment recommendation but I think this can serve a future prospect

Roberto Garcia

Twitter: @bchbarquisimeto

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Written by   417
6 months ago
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