Bitcoin is still the best place to save save you from any disaster

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Alert, I warn Bitcoin I could keep going down, is the first thing I say so that they take a deep breath and be calm, on my part I was trapped and I can not save more than I have, but for my Bitcoin it can return to $ 100 and that It would only represent a high investment opportunity.

Remember that we cannot apply technical analysis in this circumstance because we are in an abnormal situation in the functioning of the market, in fact actions such as those of tesla inc came to the floor after years with upward movement.

What is happening?

Isn't Bitcoin the place where investors keep to avoid government controls?

Bitcoin is still that place pressured in fact many holders and investors continue to keep the price stable, what happens is that retailers create a psychological sensation and drag the price down, so that they get their money? to buy food, buy goods, buy medicine and be prepared for an event of the greatest global catastrophe that is the coronavirus.

Investment opportunity?

Of course yes ... I think it is a resounding YES

Cryptocurrencies are still stable, in any case 1 bitcoin is worth more than any action in the international market, and together all cryptocurrencies add up to more than 150 billion dollars, so technology is still the ideal place to save money, and to Investors and those who know about halving are aware that this event will raise the price well beyond our control.

Halving is approaching and its proximity shows us to the rhythm of the heart palpitations that it can either drop more for its rebound or the price increase is expected due to the security and characteristic deflation schemes.

The truth is that Bitcoin this year will pass the 15 thousand dollars to make only a reference that it can increase much more, that is the behavior of Bitcoin after the halving, and now this year with the elections in the US, other political movements may occur. to help reinforce this rise.

After the storm comes calm

There is no reason whatsoever to have a Bitcoin value of $ 5,100 that can only be caused by an external event, and it is precisely what gives us a guarantee that something good is coming for the next few weeks, those who are patient will win who will not, will lose A lot, the fact that the factor is external gives us the guarantee of investing and users in Venezuela know that Bitcoin Cash House is the ideal place to learn how to do it.

When the time of fear passes, people will return to jobs, the schools will continue to function and we will adapt. Likewise, the stock market will begin its recovery, and the Bear winners will once again become Bulls, which is what they like the most.

Animate buy Bitcoin Cash or accept it in your business, it is the best way to earn.

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3 weeks ago
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