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Bitcoin Cash House Venezuela review (New Mining Reward Plan)

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11 months ago

If we are accustomed to something in Venezuela, it is the fact that we are not united in something that benefits us all, and that is why some of us who like the world of Bitcoin arrive because it philosophically demonstrates with facts the decentralized approach and the union of wills to establish a free, global technology and where everyone's opinion has the same value.

About the Miners Reward Project

A few less than two months ago, a team of great leaders and developers of bitcoin cash have proposed a configuration of the miners to grant a donation in a plan of approximately 6 months. This brought with it a new global discussion about the financing of the world's expert programmers that make bitcoin cash have the features it has now.

Point 1 It is not bad that this discussion is generated

After all, we work with Blockchain or a network of computer nodes, which work synchronously to verify and validate all data. These nodes have to deal with reaching consensus and agree on the state of the database, thus preserving a single version of the truth.

I think that the mechanical system of cryptocurrencies cannot be more decentralized than our mind, although I must say that of course technology if you have limits while human stupidity does not

But we must highlight the characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

• Security

• Privacy

• Decentralized

• Union

• Agreement

• Freedom

For everything that happens within the sphere of cryptocurrencies we will have to agree, give an altruistic vision and finally collaborate with all development issues, be it applications, web pages, design, social networks, meetups, etc.

Point 2 has financed the development of this technology with thousands of dollars.

Everyone in the world has seen how since Bitcoin Cash Fund or before, under the leadership of Roger Ver and other collaborators around the world, have funded for years, the development of bitcoin cash technology so in my opinion we must have a little respect for the opinion that comes from there, since they have not put any discussion on the table, who works voluntarily or is not always rewarded in some way to do the work that attracts attention regarding Bitcoin cash adoption.


That is the discussion? A donation? Who could be against something like that, I think that if the discussion is this then we must create a way to finance projects where results are seen, not like other work failures of other cryptocurrency projects, which I prefer to leave under the shadow.

Bitcoin Cash needs more investment and developers have the right to seek help, albeit with a formal project or an initiative under discussion, but they also have the right not to run out of funds for the development of a project as lucrative as is the market for More than 200 billion dollars, I believe that with their experience, dedication and preparation they cannot be begging for financing.

Lucrative Project?

Or to make a profit or to have much more money than I have earned during the time I have worked, or to live as I deserve after contributing so much, or because I get tired of asking, or because I have a serious initiative and I will show what I can do that BCH exceeds the price of BTC in less than 2 years.

These are only issues that must be going through the minds of those who do not know whether the underlying intention of this initiative, but whether or not it is fair, is completely subjective.

About the Miners

The mining companies also have the absolute right to request an explanation of the mechanism to be used, the keys, the managers, the ethical foundations of the project, the characters and their resume, verify the information and cross it with the opinion of other partners and other companies Mining

Recall that we are in a decentralized blockchain world but with great costs, look in Venezuela the Light fails due to lack of maintenance in the electrical structure of the country but also for the artisanal and reckless mining of people; Mining requires a large investment and a great cost in most countries of the world, perhaps for small miners who have no more than 10 machines it does not represent anything to donate $ 10 per month but for a pool of 10,000 machines if it represents a lot of money $ 10,000 per month, I think we have to be more objective about this.

Bitcoin Cash House opinion on the discussion table.

The position of Bitcoin Cash House, which is a young, decentralized and free project to start anywhere in the world, is that the debate takes place using peaceful mechanisms and trying to preserve diplomatic language as much as possible before all things.

Whenever the discussion comes with proposals and not with destructive criticism, I believe that at some point we will finally reach a consensus. Do we agree with the miners giving a donation?

Bitcoin Cash House Venezuela team position

We are and will be a great project thanks to the help of many people around the world, thanks to them we are a reality, all those who helped us in advertising, tips, funds, design, technical support tokens, etc. are part of that structure of worldwide collaboration that they voluntarily create and support with force and occupation of their time for adoption to continue.

Donations serve to support projects anywhere in the world, but not to profit, or to divide the community, let's not make an altruistic act become a tax or a fiscal measure that can also decrease the value of bitcoin cash in the market.

About a Possible Hard Fork

I think that what we live in the last Fork or division of BCHABC and BSV gave us a great lesson, the fight had to take place because there really was a very strong enemy, great madness could invade us but the resources that moved for that The cryptocurrency market around the world has completely taken its toll, Bitcoin Cash almost reached $ 90 after being worth more than 2 thousand dollars of capitalization

Let us not have another division, not only because there will be no possibility of recovering in the short term, but there is a danger that thousands of people will stop trusting Bitcoin Cash definitively and the opinion that there really is no complete decentralization in the BCH value proposition

Everyone's opinion should be valued, even small projects like mine, but I believe that if we add a proposal we will achieve more confidence and move forward much more in the short term.

Roberto Garcia

Bitcoin Cash House Venezuela

February 18, 2020

Twtter: @BchBarquisimeto

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Written by   329
11 months ago
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