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Bitcoin Cash House is an Open and Decentralized Project (How to open one in your country)

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1 year ago

When I had the idea of a place to teach the people of bitcoin cash, having had a clear notion of the deficiencies of Venezuela regarding the lack of education, I had many ideas but I never imagined being where I am now.

It is always necessary for investors to shake hands with a trusted person to do business, and in Venezuela if there is something that is characteristic, it is distrust in business.

Bitcoin Cash House is that and more, it is an education support for bitcoin cash, it is a place for people to do business, it is a place to ask questions, ideas, opportunities, adoption, development etc.

Free and Decentralized Project

I am not the owner of Bitcoin Cash House, I am only the mind that created this project, but all those interested and capable of pedagogy anywhere in the world can open another BCHHouse. You just have to make reference to this first experience, and if you have a place open to the public near the city, don't hesitate to open an office too.

How and where?

You must be clear that Bitcoin Cash House is not a company, its Public or Legal quality is an Advisory Center, that is, it is a place without Company registration but that you would function as an advisor with experience in blockchain

If you are an economist or if you are an accountant, or an administration professional, I hope you are also a teacher, and with no less than 3 years of experience working with cryptocurrencies, with philosophical knowledge of the Satoshi Nakamoto project and the Bitcoin cash fork then you are a candidate to be the leader of the new opening of bitcoin cash house (France, China, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Spain, USA etc)

The Only Limit is the Mind

Bitcoin Cash House was not overnight, it took no more than 2 months in configuration and help from trusted minds and many rain ideas to be able to summarize all the madness we had at the beginning and then culminated in this marvel of initiative. But I was in Venezuela, what country can you be in? In what conditions? at what time? In what economy? In what continent? With what profession? With what sponsorship?

There are many things you can do, it will be your home to do to people, we can serve you as comments and experience to know how we work, and also rely on advertising.

We support advertising and Marketing in Social Networks

We have Designers, Programmers, Advertising Experts in our offices, we can help create other Bitcoin Cash Houses with our professionals.

Do not hesitate to write to us, our operating expense in the case of Venezuela is much cheaper than in any country in the world, we have 20 megabytes internet, we have a power plant, constant direct broadband connection, if you need video call also write to us.

More information Bitcoin Cash House

Instagram: @Bitcoin_cash_house

Twitter: @Bchbarquisimeto


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Written by   495
1 year ago
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