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Bitcoin Cash Mass Adoption via P2P Liquidity: Zapit featuring Romit and Vikram

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This week we're talking about p2p liquidity and the applied case in the Zapit payments and remittance wallet. Learn a bit about crypto in India and how to legally and easily remit money via BCH, by utilizing an ad hoc decentralized p2p exchange System. Paying fiat payments through the Zapit app as well as operating as a payment partner through the App is incentivized with Token 'cashback'. Instacrypto, one of India's oldest exchanges and largest meetup organizers acts as market maker already. You can try it out and provide liquidity yourself. This will only work, if we all contribute, so let's Zapit together!

👉 Watch here:

Download Zapit:
Visit Vikkram's exchange:

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P2P Liquidity is a viable and potential tool for promoting BCH for mass adoption worldwide. Thanks.

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