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Top 10 Most Populated Cities (Metro Area) on Earth

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Planet Earth has 7,794,799,000 humans according to a 2019 United Nations report. It could reach 11 billion by the year 2100.

Here is the TOP 10 most populated Metro Area on Earth in 2020.

  1. Tokyo (Japan)                      37,435,191 habs.

  2. Delhi  (India)                            29,399,141 habs.

  3. Shanghai  (China)                   26,317,104 habs.

  4. Sao Paulo  (Brazil)                21,846,507 habs.

  5. Mexico City  (Mexico)          21,671,908 habs.

  6. Cairo  (Egypt)                       20,484,965 habs.

  7. Dhaka  (Bangladesh)             20,283,552 habs.

  8. Mumbai  (India)                     20,185,064 habs.

  9. Beijing  (China)                    20,035,455 habs.

  10. Osaka (Japan)                       19,222,665 habs.

Figures are provided by the website

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Written by   86
1 year ago
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