How It Works? Mechanism of BCHAuthors Contests

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Now we are all set for arranging contests and get started with spreading BitcoinCash all over the internet, lets make the process familiarise to everyone before they get started with us as a competitor or validator and some other important aspects of the competition.

We work on three principles, one that everyone should be free to participate & put their views on the topic whether it is praising the topic or criticising it but logically and with proper way, second the selection of winner has to be as decentralised as possible and third that most of the contestants should be rewarded for their 'honest efforts'. Now let's see how we set everything up to organise and manage the whole contest.


Authors: Authors are the registered competitors who participate in the weekly contest and write articles on various platforms.

Validators: Validators are the few people who read most of the articles and rate those articles to choose the winner. They hold the power of ranking articles.

BCHAuthors Mechanism

Step 1: Topic Of The Week & Resources

At the beginning of the week, the BCHAuthors team will share the topic of the week and notify all Authors about it. Along with the topic following details will also be shared with the authors.

1) Official website link of the project and links of their social presence

2) Links to the other important data related to the project like funding reports, their works and other available details.

3) Key points that must be included in the articles, points will be neutral so that authors can write their views on them.

4) Social links of the notable persons related to the topic, in case of the project the team members.

5) Other extra resources like editorials on that particular topic.

The above details will be sent to registered Authors directly to their emails and will also be available on the official website of BCHAuthors, which will be online in few days!!

Step 2: Authors In Action

After getting the topic of the week from BCHAuthors now it's authors turn to read and learn about that topic from the provided resources and write & publish their article on various preferred platforms as directed by the BCHAuthors team.

Authors have five days to submit their article links i.e they have to submit their article links before Saturday, submissions will be open till Friday night. After that submissions will be accepted but they will not be eligible for the reward sharing.

Step 3: Validators Get Involved

Now after collecting the article links from our authors, the BCHAuthors team will analyze every article manually and see if the article meets the basic requirements like the inclusion of key points provided by BCHAuthors, are they written in a decent grammatical way and are published on platforms as directed by BCHAuthors. The articles that doesn't meet the basic requirements are then rejected and the proper reason for rejection will be shared with authors so that they can be careful for next week.

Now the accepted articles then shared with our validators. They are the particular members who know that topic and they have given the power to rate the articles. Validators have to read most of the articles and then vote or rate the best articles. Then the highly-rated articles analysed by BCHAuthors again and recheck them, then those articles will be announced as winners and will be rewarded.

(This process will take four days)

I think you have noticed that the Validators plays an important role in deciding winners, they hold the power of rating. So initially only a few validators will be selected and then as we grow, more validators will be added through the community voting.

Step 4: Winners And Rewards

The winning articles and the authors then will be announced through the official handles of BCHAuthors on multiple platforms and the reward amount will be shared among those winners. The rewards will be in the form of BitcoinCash, no other currency will be used. (We are also thinking of other forms of rewards for other non ranked participants)

Reward Amount

The reward amount of the contest will be dynamic for each week. Most of the portion of the reward amount will be from BitcoinCash community donations and the revenue generated from other sources of BCHAuthors like our content and other things. So the following formula will be used to decide the reward amount for the weekly contest.

10% of total donations (minimum $10) + 50% of total revenue generated in the previous week by BCHAuthors.

Let me explain this with an example. At this moment BCHAuthors have $100 in BCH from the donations. So the 10% of it will be $10. And suppose we generate the $50 in revenue last week from various sources, that means 50% of $50 will be $25. So the total reward amount of the week will be: $10 + $25 = $35

Note: even if the donation amount came down to $80 where it's 10% is $8, we will still keep that amount to $10.

Updates Of BCHAuthors In Upcoming Week

1) Official website launch of BCHAuthors

2) Official presence on Various social sites (Follow Us on Twitter)

3) Opening the Authors registration window through the official website & official social platform handles.

4) FAQs by communities

[If you've any doubts or anything about project you can ask in comments or contact on twitter, we will be happy to answer]

[Things are subject to change]

Thanks to the community supporters and anonymous financial backers. We will keep updated about our every step weekly and together we will spread BitcoinCash to millions of people!!

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1 year ago


I like the idea and I will be contributing articles to the contests. πŸ‘

5 days time to participate in the contest may be a bit short, though. Especially if you first have to learn about the topic.

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1 year ago

Topics won't be that hard, maybe just one particular project or as simple as 'What Is BitcoinCash?' & 'How BitcoinCash affects your life' something like that.

Thanks for your interest in participation.

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1 year ago

This one is cool. You have a post about this in right? Let is renoise it to spread the news πŸ’š

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1 year ago

Yeah, thanks for the support Ruffa!!

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1 year ago

Surr, let's spread more news about Bitcoincash πŸ’š

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1 year ago

Congratulations For this big move. Hoping for the success

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

This is nice, I hope we onboard more users to spread BCH Awareness πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œnice project! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

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1 year ago

Yup, the more we spread more people will join the BCH community

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1 year ago